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James writes - "The thought of an action/hack’n’slash role-playing game which puts a hefty focus on co-operative play sounds like a winning formula to me, in principle. Things don’t always pan out the way you‘d expect them to in gaming, so how did the next in an increasing line of Sacred games, Sacred 3, live up to my hopes and desires?"

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neil3631542d ago

Another that I just wished was on Xbox One!

Holymsophy1542d ago

Sacred 2 was pretty crappie and buggy. With all the innovations in gaming one would think for a rpg franchise like sacred, they will at least try to revolutionize what they do.
This is under achieving at the highest levels!

NiteX1542d ago

It was buggy but it was still pretty cool. This new one has no reason to be named Sacred, it's totally different.