Is The Last Of Us the best game ever made?

VideoGamer: "As The Last Of Us: Remastered arrives on PS4, people have started discussing whether Naughty Dog's masterpiece deserves the praise thrust upon it. looks at both sides. Warning: Spoilers."

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gillri1931d ago

its in my top 5 of all time for sure

mrpsychoticstalker1930d ago

It's in my top 5 as well, but definitely not number 1. And not worth the extra money for the remastered. Waiting for the last of us 2 instead.

ziggurcat1930d ago


how can a game you've never played on a system you've never owned/don't own be in your top 5?

iamnsuperman1931d ago

It is extremely hard to say. A lot of games were incredible at their time but now they feel dated (so it is hard to go back and compare; avoiding the Rose tinted glasses effect). Though it is up there with my favourite games of all time

Agent20091931d ago

It's subjective. For me it's overrated as hell, hardly would call it a masterpiece. Personally, Journey and the Metal Gear Solid series are what I'd call "the best games ever made".

gillri1931d ago

MGS1 and 3 were great, 2 had its moments, 4 was just.....very odd

DonDon1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Journey?! The glorified walking simulation? I had it preordered (was more impressed with free dynamic wallpaper than with game) and came away unimpressed. Loved TGC's Flower game though.

But Journey as best game? No way. "Brothers" was a way better game than that and alot of people who played it think so--but unfortunately not many have played it despite it being offered on ps plus for free for a brief period.

Letthewookiewin1930d ago

I tried Journey and just could not get into it. I feel bad about it.

SoapShoes1930d ago

MGS was not overrated? I mean if it came out today with the same hype it did as the first, you'd have everyone saying it's overrated. It seems like when everyone likes a game someone has to say it's overrated.... Overrated means it got super high reviews but the majority of people did not agree with those reviews(Example: Titanfall). When the overwhelming majority agree with the reviews, it doesn't make it overrated because not everyone will like it. lol

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