Frugal Gaming Review | One Piece Unlimited World Red

And action orientated the game most certainly is, despite the trailers making it look very much like a Persona title or some other familiar JRPG style game. OPUWR is something akin to an arena style brawler - Writes Karlos Morale

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karlosmorale1540d ago

No one cares about One Piece Unlimited World Red, sadly. Now if it were One Piece Unlimited Colonel's Special Recipe Chicken, it would be a different matter.

kakashi811540d ago

I was thinking about getting this for the wii u.

UglyGeezer1540d ago

I care about it, sounds like a cracking game

UglyGeezer1540d ago

But it does highlight lack of marketing, if the game had been marketed well, people would be commenting more.