IGN: Age of Conan Review

Funcom succeeded on several fronts with their much-anticipated MMORPG. It's got a different, enjoyable gameplay style, offers a free-for-all PVP experience that fits with Robert E. Howard's fiction and boasts outstanding audio and graphical packages. It also offers fairly standard quest chains, a lackluster crafting system, and three weeks outside of launch still has plenty of technical issues, content either missing or unfinished, and is still in need of quite a bit of polish.

Does Conan have the groundwork to eventually become a fantastic game all-around? Sure. Should you start playing right now? Personally, IGN would hold off for a few months until more of the game is patched up.

Presentation - 5.5
Graphics - 9.0
Sound - 9.5
Gameplay - 8.5
Lasting Appeal - 7.0
Overall -

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Tmac3783d ago

9 for graphics, even though it has the best graphics for an mmorpg, lol made me chuckle.

Jim Crowslaw3783d ago

im still waiting for DBZMMORPG

JeepGamer3783d ago

Looks like at least one reviewer played long enough to get past the first city.

That's right folks, Funcom put everything in to the first area to make a good impression, then dumped you in a bland ordinary MMO for the rest of the game.

jaja14343783d ago

Yep. :)
64 Ex-Necro DeathWhisper.

Bolts3783d ago

Thats very typical. For all MMOs the first 20 levels are always filled with content and polish at the expense of the late game.

KillaManiac3783d ago

Age of Conan is mediocre at MOST...yes it has good graphics, but it is a game almost purely instanced (b/c 360 version will run smoother prob). Unless you have a 1000-2000$ PC with a graphics card that has been top of the line in the past can't play this game.

It has WAY too high system specs to play this cruddy will FAIL

This is the ONLY MMORPG (ive played TONS)that I have EVER canceled in the initial free month period. I even payed for a month of Vanguard after its free month...... I

Baba19063783d ago

i do love this game. and i am past the first 20 lvls. sure there is some fixing to do and some extra content thats needs to be added. but still it is really fun. the regions are very big so the instancing doesnt really bother me.
anyway, its a lot of fun. no way it deserves a 7.8 =(.