Sony vs. EA Access

Is Sony being less than honest about why they do not want EA Access on the PS4?

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Dwalls11711937d ago

Unless your a complete idiot you know Sony turned down EA Access. Because they have basically the same service PS NOW coming very soon . .and to be honest that's fine . .

My only issue is . I hate when big companies play the whole bull-Sh$% PR card . .
If your Sony don't lie and say OH yes we did it because its bad value for the PlayStation owners SMH .. Just be honest and say we don't want it to take sales away from our service PS NOW..

mhunterjr1937d ago

Agreed. They have a perfectly understandable reason for not wanting EA Access. But it's not due to lack of value. It's because it competes with their own offerings.

n4rc1937d ago

Completely agree..

Its totally valid for them to turn it down.. But the excuses are ridiculous..

Dwalls11711937d ago

Very true. And to be fair if their taking the choice of getting EA Access out of our hands shouldn't they make PS Nows valve equal or better then EA Access?

JoGam1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

To be fair, coming out and saying we don't want to take money away from PS Now can back fire on Sony too.

iamnsuperman1937d ago

It does devalue what Sony is currently offering. Everyone needs to forget PS Now. That isn't the issue. It is Plus that will suffer with such a move. Imagine it. We are paying to get access to the online services but those perks that make it a steal would dwindle without major third party publisher support. EA isn't going to let their titles appear on Plus or games with gold if they are trying to sell their own service on that system (it would be pointless having the service). So we will still be paying the same price for a lot less support from third parties. Hence the devaluing. This isn't a hard concept to grasp

mhunterjr1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )


If more publishers take their content off of ps plus or games with gold, that would force Sony and Microsoft to find other ways to provide value. Maybe they'd offer more first party titles... maybe they'd lower the price, maybe they'd roll in other services like xbox music...

Also, if publishers have their own services, gamers have more control over their monthly bonuses. Right now, with ps+ and gwg, you get two games a month on next gen consoles. But there's no guarantee you will want the games that end up being offered or you may already have them.

If all publishers copied EA Access, gamers could change services monthly, based on whichever company had the best vault.

In other words, competition in the digital space leads to better offerings from 1st and 3rd parties.

badz1491937d ago

Admittedly, I'm biased towards Sony most of the time - I think I should let that one out first.

To you guys who are seemingly 'angry' at Sony for rejecting EA Access, why exactly do you think Sony should embrace the service in the first place? Sony has their own PSNow that they have announced way earlier, already in Beta too, which will offer many more games from many publishers INCLUDING from EA themselves and as for offering old games in "vault", Sony already has PS+!

I think, Sony is pretty "honest" when they said their reason to reject EA Access was because of "poor value for gamers". Think about it. It's like they are encouraging publisher to charge for a redundant service already available to them in the form of PSNow and PS+. That's poor value already over there. I know their interest is more towards pushing their own service, but who doesn't?

Remember when Nintendo rejected EA when they wanted Nintendo to use Origin? Gamers were up in arms that day praising Nintendo and booing EA's arrogance but why the hate towards Sony now for this rejection? Double standards much? "Bu...bu...but...MS accepted it! They are thinking about the gamers!" BS! MS needed every boost they can get at the moment considering they are lacking behind both the PS4 and the Wii U!

But why suddenly EA announced Access? Are they trying to be a good guy? Look no further than PS+! EA knows Sony is making money off the PS+ model while offering free games from other publishers too, not just theirs! Now just imagine offering a similar service but with in-house games only and there will be more profits as you don't have to share it with other publishers! THAT'S what EA is after and see from now on, there will be no more EA's games offered in PS+ or GWG as EA will try their best to capitalise on EA Access!

iamnsuperman1937d ago


Competition isn't always a good thing. In this case it actually quite a bad thing. The more publishers get involved the more subscription services are needed to be paid for but we still need to pay access for online. Your talking a great expense just to play back catalogue games. One service is not only more user friendly but consumer friendly. We get a lot of benefits right now with plus and games with gold. It won't change prices but discounts (which require paying to multiple services to get)

4Sh0w1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Movie studio execs made similar arguments years ago about emerging digital distribution services like Netflix, before that it was music industry but you know what happens, YES as they predicted sales of actual physical movies disc purchases declined a lot over just the last 5yrs, BUT the movie studios still make more in the long run because of MORE people in TOTAL renting through services like Netflix, Hulu and not only have movie studios jumped in bigtime, now they and most tv networks now have their own inhouse and online distribution sites for their content alone.

The reason being is although a lot of people on average used to buy 1 movie maybe per month, many didn't and they either rented, or borrowed movies but since the cost of entry became so cheap with Netflix many and other services, many MORE people consider a DVD rentals like a impulse purchase, no different than buying a piece of candy, its the age old strategy of lowering prices and make less per consumer but making more profits because you now tap a much larger customer base. Sony, Micro, EA, Activision, Ubisoft, etc could all co-exist and thrive in this digital sales environment but only if they adjust and realize the one who will do well is (A) the one who offers good content(not necessarily their new releases but quality games from their backlog) (B) the ones who offer the best or comparable deals, they may lose on individual purchases upfront but word of mouth of the great deals will drive up revenue, especially because its digital(very little extra costs between selling the same digital content to 1000 or 1mil customers.

The scare tactics from consumers who are against change is always well they will raise prices later and then what do we do? Uhm cancel, bad or expensive services either fail or the companies usually adjust before it does but the beauty of competition is NBC wants you to subscribe to their tv network service so they aren't going to charge you 3X's as much as CBS tv network and expect to stay in business, HBO however has premium content so yes its more expensive but once again just because networks, studios, game pubs, offer a subscription service DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, that's the other beauty of this competition, personally I don't know why in the hell some people would actually pay for a online tv network subscription vs just dvr and watching it for free when you get a chance but guess what some do so they can access their favorite show instantly on any device= CONSUMER OPTIONS ARE ALWAYS GOOD. So what most normal consumers usually do is subscribe to 1 of their favorite services and then buy the other companies products the same way they did 10, 20 yrs ago(all their life) and guess what other than how prices for products and services go up with inflation like for all retail store products, there is no "Aha price gouging" on pc due to COMPETITION and also retail brick and mortar stores are still selling the same products. PSN can and will co-exist the same way physical products have not disappeared and WILL NOT disappear anytime soon until all the advantages of consolidated pricing through a wide variety of retailers is in the consumers favor, so not anytime soon.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I tried PS Now yesterday, and it was awesome:

- The prices were legit at least to me. $2.99 for 4 hours, $5.99 for 7 days, and $20 for 3 months

- I rented Twisted Metal(PS3), and I had a blast in multiplayer. My Internet speed is around 12 to 15 mbps, and I didn't have any lag. Everything was smooth.

- There are aslso a good collection of games. I cannot wait for the other devs to include their games as well.

This service is shaping to be awesome so far. It already has my full support. It it keeps delivering its promise, then there's not need for EA Access.

Chris121937d ago

$3 for 4 hours is awesome. Only a die hard could find value in that nonsense. Hopefully this can move to a sub based service because the current pricing is crap.

XtraTrstrL1937d ago

Yeah, it is BS on the reasoning. Same thing with why there's no local/streaming mp3/vids other than subscription based Music/Vid Unlimited, it's obviously to get as many subs as they can before we chase them down with torches and pitchforks for the free apps.

PS Now also needs to get rid of the 1st payment option of 4 hours and change it to 1-2 days, if they don't wanna look like crooks. Because, any price for that 4 hours is gonna look like a ripoff, cuz it's only 4 HOURS!

paradigmfellow1937d ago

I do not want digital distribution. I like my discs.

MysticStrummer1937d ago


The conspiracy theorist part of me thinks the full install requirement on the new consoles is mainly a ploy to get people to download.

DragonKnight1937d ago

@Mystic: How's this for a conspiracy then? Sony raised the price of the PS4 games in Canada by $5 but only for the disc based versions. You can download PS4 games for the $60 price without taxes as well. So it's cheaper to DL games off PSN in Canada.

DragonKnight1937d ago

"Because they have basically the same service PS NOW coming very soon."


What the hell is wrong with people? PS Now and EA Access ARE NOTHING ALIKE!

EA Access IS like Games with Gold or PS+ but it is not, I repeat IS NOT, a game streaming service like PS Now.

And it's completely legitimate to say that it isn't a value for people because it's not. This is EA, the biggest money grubbing, nickle and diming Publisher in gaming. They don't come out with good games very often and yet have the audacity to come out with an early access system for their terrible games? People have already brought up that their subscription system will likely delay the official release of games so as to allow EA Access members to get the games earlier.

But for the last time, PS Now is like Netflix, EA Access is like PS+. VERY DIFFERENT SERVICES!

Darkstares1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

PS Now is not like Netflix other than they both stream the content, Netflix offers a subscription model where all the content is included for a monthly fee. Netflix offers older titles for a flat fee that can be viewed as much as you want and anything you want. PS Now offers a title by title selection which are also older titles that have a ridiculous pricing model. So until Sony wakes up and offers the same subscription model it will never be like Netflix.

DragonKnight1936d ago

@Stalker McGee: So you basically agreed with what I said with the "subscription" caveat thrown in. You must have a lot of time to waste.

Darkstares1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Dragonnight wrote,

"So you basically agreed with what I said with the "subscription" caveat thrown in."

That's the ONLY part i agree with but then again I'm talking to a narcissist who never admits when he's wrong and has a habit of only picking out the little tidbits that cater to your agenda.

"You must have a lot of time to waste."

Says the guy who has written 99 blogs, over 8,700 comments and wastes most of his time defending a company who doesn't pay him.

Let me know when your late act starts so I can get seat early. I know how your stand-up shows sell-out real quick.

DragonKnight1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

@Stalker McGee: See, your problem is that you're not understanding that you are agreeing with me. That completely invalidates your life mission to be in opposition to everything I say and do. You are agreeing with me but trying your best to remain in opposition to me. You're a living, breathing oxymoron.

"Says the guy who has written 99 blogs, over 8,700 comments and wastes most of his time defending a company who doesn't pay him."

You know how, for years, you've been attacking not only me, but chiefly me, for what you call people who "don't like to game, they just spend all of their time attacking what they don't like?" You know how you've been trying so hard to tell people what to do with their time, and their opinions, and basically try to run their lives for them?

Look what you're doing. Tell me that you actually think that going to my page, looking to see what I've commented on and where, looking at the number of blog posts and comments I've made (keeping in mind that I've been on the site for a hell of a lot longer than you, probably more than most) so you can use it as a slam against me actually constitutes a healthy use of your time.

You're actually stalking me. I would even go so far as to say that you've probably tried to do more than just go to my N4G account page to follow me. You do realize that right? You can't seriously tell me that you don't see your own sick obsession with me, to the point you've created multiple accounts to fail at every attempt you've made to either get me banned, or turn the site against me.

What ever happened to "I'm sick of this site that allows people like you to comment freely here. I'm staying on neogaf?" I bet you never had a neogaf account did you? Or you were probably banned from there for the same reason you've been banned from here so many times. You have a problem and need some real help. I can't return your affections so do us both a favor and find someone else who shares your mental handicaps.

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die_fiend1937d ago

Speaking of complete idiot, I think you'll find it's 'you're' not 'your'

Sayai jin1937d ago

DWalls- EA Access and PS Now are not the same thing. One is a subscription base service that let's you download some games in their vault for free, get a discount on new games, and lets you play newly release games 5 days before it comes out (try before you buy) and the other service is a rental/streaming game service. Not the same thing.

I agree with you on when companies spin stuff, but what else our they going to do. Whether you are MS, Nintendo, or Sony you have to look out for the bottom line and make sure you don't commit PR suicide...cough er Don cough.

TheSaint1937d ago

It's just PR spin, take it with a pinch of salt.

iamnsuperman1937d ago

It isn't PSnow EA access competes against. It's PlayStation Plus. Value wise Plus can offer more by putting EA's off the system (forces EA's hand and doesn't get into a situation that will happen to games with gold where EA games will no longer appear)

MorePowerOfGreen1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Unless "you're" providing proof you shouldn't be calling people idiots over this.

It was damage control after the fact( after the announcement/reveal) worded in a foggy/confusing way so pro Sony forces could spin away.

What Sony said was a PR response to its competition one upping them, there is nothing Sony said that solidly says EA came to them and was rejected.

The two services are not even the same. Does this really matter? XB1 gets a service that's getting monster hype and causing great excitement, exclusive to XB1.

iceman061937d ago

Oh thee of great hyperbole. First and foremost, I agree that "proof" is needed to back statements. That goes for EVERYBODY. As for "damage control" could be true...if there was actual DAMAGE. EA drops a couple of series that people want. This is a DIGITAL service, which is gaining traction but is STILL not close to disc based distribution. Many people can be patient enough to not have a game 5 days in advance. The vault games could be attractive to some. But, I submit that if they WERE, most would own them already.
Overall, it's a good business deal between MS and EA because they are both getting something. MS is getting another service to sell and tout as a difference between their competition. EA is getting more exposure. It's a cool option. But, IMO, it's a far stretch to call it "monster hype".

QuickdrawMcgraw1937d ago

Nothing worse then holier then thou gamers...who pretend that they have been wronged...

y7jzdgy1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Sony can't even keep track of all their bullshit. Claiming it's bad value for PlayStation owners when PS Now prices are ridiculously unfair in comparison. It doesn't matter though because the fanboy apologists will be out in full force and Sony knows this.

GribbleGrunger1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

And so it begins ...

Not really. Just throwing out a nomenclature to make myself look wise.

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Ko_Uraki1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Unfortunately for Sony by now the prices of Playstation Now are ridiculous

NeoGamer2321937d ago

Comparing these services is ridiculous.

PS Now is a game streaming service.

EA Access is a subscription service to hook you on their products.

yarbie10001937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

PS Now - rent games for a set period

EA Access - rent games for a set period

Mikelarry1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

PS now - rent games from multiple publishers for a set period

EA Access - rent EA games only for a set period

NeoGamer2321937d ago

PS Now you rent games for a hours at a time and those games are streamed over the internet...

EA Access you subscribe to a service on a yearly basis where games are downloaded to your console... You also receive discounts if you choose to buy games and DLC.

These services have completely different models. Comparing them is apples to oranges...

Sayai jin1937d ago

@yarbie and MikeLarry- You do not rent the games from EA can keep them for ever. PS now is a rental service for temporary gaming fun. EA Access is a subscription service for permanent gaming fun. On the surface (barring prices) both have great potential.

I like the idea of PS Now, but the prices are ridiculous IMO. $3-$5 for 4-5 hours...key word is hours not game hours. The issue I see wit h PS Now is that devs are aloud to set the prices for their games and not Sony. Sony has good rep on offering great deals on their games. I will download the beta for it and check it out. later today.

I like the idea of EA Access. I got early access and paid $30 for a year....mainly because my kids wanted FIFA, Madden, and Peggles. We got those three for no charge; so $100 to $150 worth of games for $30. IMO that's a deal. The issues/questions I have for EA Access is how often will the games be cycled through the vault.

Bottom line...I like having options. When gaming companies try to take away my options that bothers me.

y7jzdgy1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

PS Now - rent games for a few hours

EA Access - rent games for a month

There's a big difference here.

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Immorals1937d ago

Pay a fee for a month, be able to play that game for a month. Both services offer this, so yes, they can be compared.

Real reason Sony didn't accept it, not only does it compete directly, it also undercuts their prices massively.

hello121937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I think Sony should have given people the choice. EA might turn to Microsoft now as the lead platform and lets be honest most of the big mutiplat's originate from EA. What Sony going to do if Ubisoft does it too?

I think the PR statement from Sony will backfire on them over time.

[email protected] Battlefield and Fifa are two of biggest multiplats out there are you denying that?

DigitalHope1937d ago

EA has most of the big multiplats? What universe do you live in?

ThePope1937d ago

FIFA, Madden, Dragon Age, Mass effect, Dead Space, Battlefield, The list goes on and on.

The only other Publisher that launches as many games is Ubisoft.

skoorydook1937d ago

Can't honestly see EA doing that over EA access, there are currently millions more PS4 consoles in homes, EA may not be 100% happy with Sony over EA access but they didn't get where they are for being stupid and risking isolating the platform with the most sales would certainly be stupid.

iamnsuperman1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I don't think Sony cares. It is Microsoft who should worry. They have essentially allowed a big publishers onto their system with a competiting games with gold style system. I am shocked they allowed it. Instead of having one subscription that applies to all publishers, Microsoft has allowed to take the EA part out and let them charge for their own titles.

If Ubisoft does it Sony should decline them too. It's devaluing a service we already have to pay for to play these games online. It's pure idiocy and the fact some (not aiming at you by the way) support the move is mad.

Quite frankly EA made its bed before this generation started (which has backfired on them more than Sony). EA can't alienate the console with the biggest market share

Sayai jin1937d ago

I do not think this will cause MS to be come the lead platform for upcoming games. It did however give XB1 owners a optional service that has good potential.

Sony made the right decision for the company. Can't blame them for that. In turn they said it was due to the fact that it did not offer a value to PS owners. That's PR magic. I think that bothers people. Personally I understand and it does not bother me.

Yes, EA is the largest game publisher...fact. Biggest mutliplats...that subjective.

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medman1937d ago

I don't blame Sony. They have a nice suite of services on offer with more to come. What's next? Ubisoft does the same thing and offers a subscription service? Who's next? Take Two? Activision Blizzard? Before you know it, every publisher will be following suit and the monthly fees will be exorbitant. Screw EA. I would rather have access to all publishers library of content under one umbrella, instead of paying piecemeal to each publisher for their specific content.

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