Elite: Dangerous Preview on Oculus Rift DK2

The Rift Arcade - Where do we begin when describing Elite: Dangerous?

It’s just vast. Humongous. Epic. Want an example? How about the fact that the game is set in a 1:1 scale representation of our own Milky Way, with around 100 billion star systems to explore, including our own. Players take on the role of a pilot who can explore the galaxy at will, join factions, become a pirate, a spy, a trader or whoever and whatever they want to be. They start with a ship of their own, but can upgrade or buy new ships, dock and visit space stations; and because the game is one massively multiplayer title they’ll see other players going about their business, attack each other and join up for fun. We’re only just scratching the surface of what Elite: Dangerous enables players to do, we haven’t even mentioned the ability to land on planets and walk around on foot (coming in an expansion pack at some point).

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