Daniel Bryan WWE 2K15 Cover Shown By Old Gamestop Poster

It appears Daniel Bryan could have been featured on the cover for WWE 2K15 according to an old poster being advertised at Gamestop

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showtimefolks1540d ago

he had to earn everything than got married only to loose his dad and now is seriously hurt. He totally deserved to be on the cover

I can't wait for him to get back

Sarobi1540d ago

I meant to click agree, but disagreed by mistake :/

But yeah, I agree. Bryan's run last year was the strongest I've seen in a long time. The crowd was behind him every monday, and he put on a show when he was main eventing.

iNFAMOUZ11540d ago

who gives a shi* about this guy, the rock in next gen baby, oh yeaaaa, man im so hyped for 2k15, first game with the new engine for next gen.
dudee............its going to be epic

Makkanchor1540d ago

Daniel bryan most over rated wrestler on moron level

FireProChamp1540d ago

Anything is better than Cena. WWE has sucked for a while now.

NJPW is the true king of sports!!!

MasterofMagnetism1540d ago

Actually it could be worse. They could have The Miz as champion again.

FireProChamp1540d ago

I'd take Hornswaggle over Cena. ANYONE BUT CENA!

NerdStalker1537d ago

This is how bad wrestling is these days Daniel Bryan is champ, can't believe they made him beat dave batista at wrestlemania, in a real life fight batista would have mauled him. Wrestling just repeats itself every 5 years or so, you'll hear a commentator say I've never seen anything like that before but if you know your wrestling history it's no doubt happened before. At best Daniel Bryan is a mid carder, can't wait to see Brock lesnar make a complete fool out of him.