Is your connection good enough for PlayStation Now?

Polygon: The company line from Sony is that players need a minimum of 5 mbps to stream games from PlayStation Now. But we've had varying degrees of success even on the same connection. So we wanted to put the question to you: Have you been able to stream successfully from PlayStation Now?

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DVS-Zev1936d ago

Rented Way of the samurai 3 for a week.Has the random frame stutter once in a while but it still plays fine.Plays exactly like Way 3 when i think on it.Game was always a stuttering mess

Dwalls11711936d ago

I would have waited for the Monthly Subscription bro
Those Individual prices are Ludacris

DVS-Zev1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

$5 for a week isn't ludacris.It isn't ideal but it's not too bad.Do you remember the o'l blockbuster days? I was paying almost $10 tax in for for the same thing, and, i had to drive there, pick it up, stand in line and do the same thing a week later to return it.

Dudebro901935d ago

When you rented a game it was usually somewhat current and for the newest platform. I never walked in and rented ps2 games when I had a ps3.

vanity291935d ago

Lol PS now is like a video rental store to me, which is good cuz now I can be lazy instead of going to an actual one.

DVS-Zev1935d ago


It's literally day 2 of the open beta.They already said More current games will come and subscription models are being worked on.

And who are you trying to kid? that was the best part of renting games.Going in, picking up some old classics and having a blast.Especially when the PS3 first came out as PS2 was at it's prime.

Kind of how PS3 is at it's gaming prime just as PS4 came out.

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Omegasyde1935d ago

lol @ youngins ... You think this is a rip, you should have seen hollywood video and blockbuster prices.

And you had to drive/walk to the store + late fees.

camel_toad1935d ago

Dont forget the fact that most of the time when youd go to rent a game the good ones were always rented out. Young folk dont know the pain! That breaks a kid's heart!

Ozmoses1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Yeah I view the small 3-4 hour prices as a rental.. where if you like it you can run out and purchase it..

just like a digital blockbuster. I just think if they added an incentive like rent at $3.99 and try it out and if you like it purchase the full game at 10-20% off.

also now that I think about it.. I remember as a kid that hotels would have a service on their televisions and have a controller hooked up to it. and this service would allow you to rent and play video games for like $5.99 or something I can't remember the exact prices.. but, I remember my mom doing it sometimes when we were at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland to get me out of her hair. It was usually Nintendo games if I recall.

Skate-AK1935d ago

I didn't actually rent a game but the connection test said it would work. 15mbs/1up.

XiNarutoUzumaki1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

My Internet is 12-15 Mbps, and it really smooth. I'm actually impressed with the service. I tried Twisted Metal, and it was very good in multiplaye. No lags whatsoever

GenericNameHere1935d ago

I've got 10Mbps, 1Mb Up. It says I can at the games at the highest quality. I get a stutter here and there, but it does work most of the time. I already have FFXIII on disc, and would have gladly tried it out on PS Now, but $2.99 for 4 hours? Nah man. Make it $.99 for a whole week, or $1.99 for a whole month, and you've got a deal.

adonis1831935d ago

Thet're trying to make money you idiot... In a week you'll beat the game. Just for a $1??? it has to be fair.
I think playstation Now is a good deal because you dont need to update the games and is instant.

Insomnia_841935d ago

If you ever own a company or business, you would go broke in a week! LOL

All of the prices are good and after reading that article about why the 4hr rental isn't that bad, even that one makes sense for certain people.

Time to let this articles about PSNow prices go. These websites already got their clicks on this hot topic. Let it go. Playstation Now is a great service.

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The story is too old to be commented.