Sacred 3 Review (Strategy Informer)

From "Ah, an isometric-viewpoint action RPG where you click the left mouse button a lot. Never seen one of them before. No, wait, we've seen thousands of them before. Since Blizzard's Diablo released in (checks calendar) 1996 nearly every developer ever has tried their hand at recapturing the mouse-breaking magic of that stunningly addictive game - an RPG focused entirely on the art of murdering things as quickly and quantitatively as possible. The Sacred series has never really challenged Diablo, Torchlight or any of the other popular ARPGs for the top of the genre, but they've had a decent audience despite strictly "okay" reviews. With new developer Keen Games on hand let's see if Sacred 3 can turn the series' fortunes around".

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Kane221537d ago

the reviewer should've at least mentioned how this game takes what made sacred 1&2 and strip almost everything out. this game is more dumb down than diablo 3. they wanted more people to buy this game so they simplified the hell out of it. and i wish devs understand not everyone likes online. stupid you cant even pause the game while playing alone.