Hyrule Warriors Trailer Previews Impa With A Kick-Butt Naginata

One Angry Gamer "I’m almost getting to the point of being worn out on all the new trailers for Hyrule Warriors, but the game’s release is coming fast and hard this month in Japan and next month in North America, so it makes sense that Nintendo would ramp up the media promotion of the game. The latest trailer for the title features Impa with a long-staff naginata. It’s actually a really kick-butt trailer if I must say so myself."

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Ark_1934d ago

Slash!!!! boom!!! bang!!! crack!!!
Eat my Naginata you Laser-eyed-giant-stone-crab!!!

wtf ...

Over the top in a good way, I guess. :)

Spooney3231934d ago

I'm seriously hoping this game turns out to be good. My question is the music we are hearing in these trailers, is this the games real soundtrack?

BlackWolf1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Yes, these tracks are probably on the game, if that's what you're asking.