PS4 games could come to PlayStation Now

Could PS4 games be coming to PlayStation Now? It doesn't seem like Sony is ruling out the option!

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Dwalls11711934d ago

Focus on bringing a wide variety of PS1 PS2 and PS3 games on for low subscription price that's all

BG115791933d ago

The way PS now presents itself now doesn't seem interesting for me.
I never re-sold a game and I still own functional from almost pass generation.
Even if one breakdown and can't be repaired I rather invest and buy another one. The same for old games.
At this point, if they release PS4 games on to PS now exclusively, then I won't be getting that game. To me that would be even worse than a DRM.

spacedelete1933d ago

most of the best games from last gen are getting remastered so no need for a PS3 or PlayStation Now and from the rumours they are just going to bring PS1 and PS2 games on a native emulator.

Sony really should have just created an emulator for classic games as running a server is going to bleed them money. its going to be as bif of a loss to them than their TV business.