PlayStation at Gamescom: The games to watch

MMGN writes: At E3 2014, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida hinted at a big Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show for the PlayStation name. The likes of LittleBigPlanet 3 and Bloodborne were surprise packets out of Sony’s E3 media briefing, and we’re set to see more of these two PS4 exclusives at the German extravaganza in Cologne later this month.

What else is on the agenda for Sony? Here are the biggest games to keep an eye out for.

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guyman1928d ago

I really hope the people that are cutting down the order 1886 eat fat crow and choke on it when the game releases.

The article suggests that there are only " standard goons" - o yea totally, because those lycan's with human like characteristics and intelligence are totally a standard goon in every shooter.

Ru also hinted strongly at there being different classes of lycan.

uptownsoul1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I'm super interested in Guerrilla Games new IP. Its rumored to be an RPG (which I'm a fan of)…I thought i read that they were not quite ready for E3 but close. So hopefully they feel their game is in a state where they would be comfortable showing at GamesCom

showtimefolks1927d ago

what has me excited about gamescomn/playstation is the unknown. WE know sony's european studios have been working on ps4 titles, but when will some of them reveal them

i think its s safe bet to assume we will see atleast 2 games from european studios that we don't know about. Now that doesn't mean new IP's, could be a new IP and a sequel or both new IP's

drive club will get a lot of airtime during gamescom

Master-H1927d ago

Bloodborne in my veins is all i need

LightDiego1927d ago

Freedom Wars looks so awesome, sadly i don't have a Vita. Can't wait for Bloodborne.

MasterCornholio1927d ago

I'm really hoping we see Guerillas new IP at gamescon.

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