Don't Travel Alone At Night In Tom Clancy's The Division; New Multiplayer Details; Trailer Soon

Ubisoft reveals further details about Tom Clancy’s The Division, including why you should not travel at night time in the game, new PVP details, and more info about social zones.

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boneso821537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I keep forgetting about this game, but everytime i see something new i get really excited for it. It could be amazingly fun, lets hope...

jhoward5851537d ago

The Division will be amazingly fun. I can't wait to see more.

DLConspiracy1537d ago

I have really high hopes for this game. I am definitely looking forward to it. If its good I might have to pick it up on multiple platforms.

GasTankKiller1537d ago

Outside of Destiny and Batman: Arkham Knight. I'm getting overly excited for The Division. I just hope the additional time the development team is taking is used wisely.

Torgul1537d ago

Hmm not like WDogs I think;)

Lawboy21537d ago so hyped for this game....with this and destiny...i dont how i will have time to play any other games

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