What Does The PS4 Need More: God Of War Or Gran Turismo?

Gamers are anxiously awaiting the announcement of a new God of War and Gran Turismo for the new generation. But which does the PS4 most need?

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Abash1541d ago

Gran Turismo to maybe give it a sales boost in Japan. But in actuality, it doesn't *need* any particular series right now with how amazing it's selling

BullyMangler1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

The PS4 is selling great!

But what can i, as a gamer, do with the sales? lol

PS4 needs G R E A T exclusives, challenging ones.

What will GOW look like this time, with that PS4 power? oh my..

Please Sony, step it up!

Kingthrash3601541d ago

Both will come to ps4 for sure. Ps4 isn't struggling so I hope they take their time making these games instead of rushing them. I want to be blown away when they come. Rushed work always turns out bad.

chrismichaels041540d ago

Both God of War and Gran Turismo are fantastic franchises that would make great additions to the growing PS4 library. I would even be happy if Sony released a Remastered version of Gran Turismo 6 on PS4 since I missed out on getting it for PS3 last year.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Turismo hands down.

I think it's a system seller or has been in the past and it's much more important to the Playstation brand.

God of War is way overrated, don't think it even sells that well, it's just another game in the overly crowded slew of beat'em up games

AngelicIceDiamond1541d ago


Mainly because Gow is my type of game.

And circuit racing is boring to me.

badboyz091541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Tough Question. I'd say God Of War depending on the Changes. I would love online co-op multiple ending. With Graphics Superior to or on par to Order 1886.

BiggerBoss1540d ago

I agree that they don't "need" either game, but man I'd kill for some next gen Kratos. Imagine the set pieces!!

Good-Smurf1540d ago

The System didn't needed it but gamers sure as hell need it.

snarls2001540d ago

except gt does not sell much in japan

Retroman1540d ago

rather have Gran T. 7 than god of war

ramiuk11540d ago

god of war looked amazing on ps3,i dont think my eyes and brain could handle it on ps4,but i give it a good go.
I been dreaming of an announcement since forever!!

Matt6661539d ago

The Ps4 need's both another GOW and GT. But saying that GT needs vast improvement, no more standard cars, no more crappy sounding engines, need full scale damage, every car needs an interior view, more realistic and challenging AI, more challenging races (like if you tune your car up then the AI should have tuned up care), bring back endurance races, bring back proper licensing.

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ATi_Elite1541d ago

I would of said GT but with Project Cars and DriveClub hitting ps4 im gonna say GOW.

Gt is Sony but Gow cant be duplicated

Shad0wRunner1540d ago

GOW cant be duplicated? That's not what everyone said, when Dante's Inferno came out.

"It's just a GOW clone...."

Spotie1540d ago

An imitation is just that.

On topic, they don't NEED either. Gran Turismo has larger global appeal, though, so IF the PS4 needed one of those franchises, it'd be that one. (And no, it wouldn't take that long; Polyphony has actually already spoken on that front.)

However, there are already a good number of racers coming out soon. Not that GT would get lost in the crowd, but there really isn't a need for another entry in the market right now.

uth111540d ago

There's several racers coming this fall, so I'd say Gow

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