Mark’s Top 5 Upcoming Games of 2014

With the most exciting quarter of the year just around the corner, Mark rounds up the games he's looking forward to.

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ShaqSoda1930d ago

Solid list. Ready to play some halo 2 for sure.

OpieWinston1930d ago

Tom Clancy's The Division isn't even coming out this year...Ohh how Video game journalism has fallen.

My most anticipated game for 2014 at the moment is Halo MC Collection.
Halo Nightfall each week
Halo 5 Guardians Beta in Dec 27th
Jumping between each Halo game with my buds...So excited.

GoPanthers9991930d ago

Right on, wish I could agree 10x.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1930d ago

The Division isn't even out until next year, but my list goes something like this

1-Destiny (PS4)
2-Farcry 4 (PS4)
3-Halo MCC (XB1)
4-AC Unity (PS4)
5-Sunset Overdrive (XB1)

truefan11930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

So basically.

1.Game on XB1
2.Game on XB1
3.Game on XB1
4.Game on XB1
5.Game on XB1

Very stoked to know I can play all the games one of the biggest ps4 fanboys wants to play, all on my XB1.

My Top 4 for the rest of 2014 goes:
1.Halo MCC
2.Sunset Overdrive
3.AC Unity
4.Forza Horizon 2
5.Ori and the Blind Forest

There are many other great multiplayer games like Destiny and Evolve, but Halo MCC will consume all multiplayer gameplay upon it's release. Dragon Age and Alien look good as well, but I will probably buy those a little but after their release.

martinezjesus19931930d ago

Hmmm i wonder why you only have 1 bubble left . . .

On topic: My top 5

1) Destiny.
2) LBP 3
3) Ac Unity
4) Evolve
5) Halo MCC

Dragon Age and Sunset Overdrive get an honorable mention.

Vantage1930d ago

Flaccid list. UbiSoft has proven time after time that it can't be trusted to deliver the goods.

Mark Smith suffers from stockholm syndrome.

700p1930d ago

Dragon Age Inquisition, MCC, Sunset overdrive, Assassin creed Unity, and LOTR Shadow of mordor. In that particular order. Alot of good/great games coming out this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.