Wii, not PS3, to challenge Xbox

Nintendo's Wii console will do more to challenge Microsoft's Xbox 360 this holiday shopping season than the long-awaited PlayStation 3 from Sony, according to analysts.

US customers got their hands on Sony's PlayStation 3 on Friday, but the console is suffering from a lack of supply as well as a hefty US$599 price tag for the 60GB model. Sony also offers a $499 version with a smaller hard drive. However, the US$299 Nintendo Wii, though not targeted at hard-core gamers like the Xbox and PlayStation 3, will give Microsoft's early-to-market Xbox 360 a run for its money.

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Capt CHAOS4349d ago

Am happy with my two 360s, may get a Wii end of nxt year. PS3.. No rumble? Forget it - that's definately last gen.

FadeToBlack4349d ago

The Wii or the PS3 would be secondary options for me, the 360 is much better in my opinion than both of them. I really expected sony to do a little better with their launch. Their is nothing they have comming out anytime soon thats better than whats on the 360. And the wii doesent output in HD so i dont know how i can deal with that on my tv after playing the 360 for a year. I have tried to play xbox games on it after playing the 360, but i was turning it off after 5 minutes.

emandm4349d ago

If the Wii is $299 and an xbox 360 core is $299 then the only people i see wanting a Wii are the under seven's over a 360. Wii releases a year later with older technology!
As for playstation3 outlasting the 360, The launch game's on the 360 a year ago were better than what we are seeing on the PS3 now a year later! These analyst's, how do they get these job's!

THE TRUTH4349d ago

Will win this holiday season, and I hate to say it but I told you so! PS3 is limited supply but Wii is new, looks fun, and is really aimed at the right demograph which is kids! Christmas is a kids holiday so you do the math!

MS is behind its goal and Wii is going to go head to head with 360! GOW is great but no way can it compete with Zelda! Especially at Christmas I mean would you give your child a 360 and GOW, or a Wii with Zelda?

I'm very interested to see if the 360 can hit 10 mill by the end of the year! If they don't it will be because of Nintendo and not so much Sony, but it could buy Sony time to get units out there! I think this is a wii Christmas and the wins hands down! Same thing I told you all months ago

12Volt4349d ago

"this holiday season"

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The story is too old to be commented.