Confirmed: Hyrule Warriors Does Not Support Online Multiplayer

Koei Tecmo confirmed via Twitter that there will be no Hyrule Warriors online multiplayer, stating that local co-op will be the only form of multiplayer.

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NukaCola1940d ago

Come in Nintendo. If you have a multiplayer game. Make it accessible online and off.

guitarded771939d ago

Yeah well... Nintendo still has catching up to do in the whole online department. It is what it is. As for Hyrule Warriors, I'm not even planning on getting it, and I'm a Zelda whore. I just never liked the repetitive nature of the Dynasty Warriors games, and this doesn't look like much more than that with a Zelda theme. I will be interested to see how it does in Japan though. If it does well there, Nintendo may have a spin-off franchise.

-Foxtrot1939d ago

"I just never liked the repetitive nature of the Dynasty Warriors games, and this doesn't look like much more than that with a Zelda theme"

You weren't alone judging by past review scores of Dynasty Warrior games lately. However even if this is the same it's going to get high marks just because it has a Zelda theme...proving that brand name can influence reviews.

Chrischi19881939d ago

I myself am not that interested in Dynasty Warriors or a Zelda Spin-Off. But I expect a little Nintendo flavour in that game, that might change a bit, just like with all game types, that get a Nintendo game.

N4g_null1939d ago

Haha operation negative pr huh? Are you guys that afraid of hyrule warriors? Mariokart just did have enough wrong with it? No online problems huh?

Hyrule warriors was never advertised to have online co op. Looking at the sales of warriors games not many people wanted it. The development team must have felt the same way.

This is just another fine attempt to throw some negativity at nintendo because some other gamers are afraid of them becoming successful again.

Maybe some of this is justified and genuine yet if that is so then you would have seen on the site of the game that online play is supported just not in the main story.

I mean I really wonder why tlou doesn't have 4 player co op in the story also? If you can answer that then please use that same logic with this game and stop being silly.

Like I said earlier I'm sure if this game sales even remotely close to Monster hunter expect ethier a patch or an update midway before zelda u drops.

This is just an example of trying to nullify the hype for this game so that sony or your favorite company doesn't suffer.

it is just a warriors game why are you guys so afraid? Most of you guys where not going to buy it anyway.

Why the hell would we need rj45 connections when the wifi standard has been raised already? Also just like the other company you can buy one of those adapters. I mean it's not like sony makes you buy the ps eye or move or memory card or make you buy early because they always remove functions after the first year or so.

Bayo has co op... our cod works just fine... need for speed works just fine. The thing even has video chat and you get a camera for talking to people online lol.

Go back to playing that game you bought that took a new system to play it correctly oh and sorry about that bc thing it's not like you was going to play any of that crap over again.

Spooney3231939d ago

I was hoping for some online four player co-op. 4 adult links with different colored scarves, fighting for Hyrule. It could have been a magical call back to Four Swords Adventures.

N4g_null1939d ago

Would be cool yet not many people know if the online part will be just that yet. If it isn't there then I'm sure they can patch it.

weekev151939d ago

Misleading title. Hyrule Warriors DOES have online multiplayer, it doesnt have online COOP. Too late to update the title and make it less flamebaity?

Ol_G1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I don't care they'll have an online adventure mode i couldn't care less about online coop multiplayer

lilbroRx1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I could have sworn that this game was made by Tecmo Koei and that whether or not it was online would be their decision as a result(it also says this is from Tecmo-Koei, not Nintendo, in the article description)

Why is Nintendo being attacked for this and not actual people who developed it who made the decision?

Also, this article is false. It says on Nintendo's website that there will be adventure mode online for multiple people.

Your agrees just go to show that facts do not matter though. So long as you bash Nintendo, everyone loves you around here.

randomass1711939d ago

There's a chance Nintendo could have influenced the choice to omit online since it's their IP and it's a joint developed game. Nintendo SPD is listed as a developer on the title. So it's a fair criticism for Nintendo as well as Tecmo Koei.

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Starbucks_Fan1940d ago

DAMMIT. I really want online play because most of my gaming friends from college are far away now.

guitarded771939d ago

I feel you. My friends are all over the place since we're all old and have families now, so online is important for us to hang out together. Amazing that not even 10 years ago it wasn't something we ever thought would be so important to us.

ape0071940d ago

that's really not acceptable in this day and age

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saviin1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I don't get it, does every PlayStation and Xbox game have online co-op?

diepdiep1940d ago

The post said no online CO-OP, just local co-op. They did not strictly say no online multiplayer. As far as I know, the game was confirmed earlier to have some sort of "online play". Hopefully it's more than just posting rankings.

nintendo_fan_4life1940d ago

Unfortunately, the game's page on Nintendo's website also confirms that the game is limited to local co-op.

Online features, however, include: DLC, Miiverse, and an "adventure mode."

diepdiep1940d ago

Well, hopefully they'll explain everything in the Hyrule Warriors direct next week.

HavokPants1939d ago

actually i think you're right
because you know the part at the back of the cover where it shows you the nnid features well here they are

*Purchase of additional content
*Automatic posting of play status to Miiverse
*Play special battle in adventure mode

SpiralTear1939d ago

Nintendo treats online multiplayer the way the rest of the industry treats local multiplayer.

deafdani1939d ago

As a Nintendo fan, I gotta say: sad, but true.

Well put.

Deadpoolio1939d ago

Except for the fact that Koei Tecmo is the one who developed Hyrule warriors not Nintendo. And being as it's nothing more than re-skinned Dynasty Warriors which does have online, there is no excuse other than they clearly just didn't feel like it

weekev151939d ago

They developed it with Nintendo. Aonuma was involved in a lot of the design of the project so Nintendo are just as responsible.

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