Two RPG Juggernauts: A Look at Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher 3

CraveOnline: "The unbiased RPG player will lay down his company loyalties and enjoy both titles without reservation, but even so — which game is looking better right now, and what does each title offer that the other might not? I found myself wondering exactly that, so I decided to take a look for myself."

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novacav1938d ago

Dragon Age is looking damn good. Some of the screens even look better than Witcher!

Deividas1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Yes, Dragon Age is looking good but its not looking better than Witcher 3...sorry, but no.

geddesmond1938d ago

Nah mate, look at the games side by side. The witcher 3 has better atmosphere. Both games look great but the Witcher also has better gameplay. Honestly if the 2 games released around the same time my money would go to the witcher.

psuedo1938d ago

Lgbtq mage fest, no thanks. (Also dont bash, its my choice, my right, and my opinion to say what I want. As long as I dont infringe upon your rights.) °politically correct way of saying what I want°

dcj05241938d ago

Yeah, I respect makes, not my thing unless it's hybrid like in Dragon's Dogma or Skyrim.

More of a rouge person.

1937d ago
novacav1938d ago

Not bashing but is there more than one gay mage in the game? If so then I might see your point, in that it could seem a tad forced. But I hardly think Dorian alone makes it a "fest."

psuedo1938d ago

Well theres the gay mage, and a lesbian character. Not sure if she's a mage. What value does a gay, or lesbian character add to the game though?

I know you can have "relationships" (sexual interactions) with characters in this game and the others. Even with all straight characters it adds no value to the game. Its just pandering to a certain community.

The only thing you get from it really is a virtual boob, and the hoo ha fa tor of two dudes, or 2 girls kissing.

Same goes for the witcher. I dont care about the sex, or virtual skin. It was cool when it was first being done, but now it just feels pointless and gets in the way of my videogame.

If I want a relationship, or sex. I will either go into the real world, or look at porn.

I want to create a witcher meme of geralt running through the woods and fighting all his battles with a boner, because thats what it MAKES me think when I play the witcher. I know I have the choice to not partake in those activities, but it just shouldnt be there. Period.

FRAKISTAN1938d ago

The biggest advantage that witcher has over dragon age is that its not shooting for the pathetic political correctness.

DA is like must have homosexuals in the game to prove a point,must have a non sexist story,must have strong females,and other same bullshit like this.

Witcher 3 does not give a damn,as should not any entertainment.

PS: Notice how I didn't write "Not that I have anything against it" when I mentioned homosexuality.

psuedo1938d ago

I love you (no homogenous milk)

styferion1938d ago

While I agree with you that forced equality isn't really benefitting the game in any way, we should consider that DA is a game in which you create your own character, therefore more option available is preferred while The Witcher follows Geralt whose setting already predetermined so that it'd be weird if there's any forced equality just for the sake of it.

SaveFerris1938d ago

Both games look great. I'm going to get both of them.

Roccetarius1938d ago

With the Witcher 3 having both land and sea exploration, amongst other features, i think we have a clear juggernaut already. Not to mention the RED Engine is a crown piece itself, while Frostbite isn't something to write home about.

And then there's the marketing. DA:I is pandering to minorities, being politically correct and therefore marketed as a dating simulator.

Witcher 3 may have a established character, but CDPR is showing off, and talking about the more important parts instead. The story they're trying to tell is not being compromised, in order to pander to minorities.