Drama and betrayal, nerd-style

It seems that one of the editors of 1up was largely unimpressed by x360's RPG conference. Could the large disaprity between the actual gameplay footage and the CGI scenes cause this? This is what Milky writes :-

"I firmly believe that, despite Sony's parade of "we don't pay for exclusives" comments over the years, that they have firmly supported S-E in the development of FFXIII (and it's ilk) in order to retain console exclusivity. I'd be very surprised if that changed. I think S-E is content to let tri-Ace do the heavy lifting in supporting the 360 with its content, and I was pretty underwhelmed by the 'RPG conference' as a whole. No real surprises. I mean, I love tri-Ace, and think these announcements are great, but it felt like the 360 got the B-team, while the A-team are free to frolic away on the PS3. Just my two cents. "

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pwnmaster30003878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

oh wow this article here proofs, that they are fukin xbots.

omg i just wanna go over there and take hella sony fans and jumped them

[email protected]

they want the final fantasy, but they cant have it.
there like every xbot. they just wont give up on it.

wat eva. they well probably help pay M$ for multi.

but u kno its gonna fail

Veryangryxbot3878d ago

So they got the B-team (which is true lol) but why would it matter to you UNLESS YOURE A STINKIN XBOT?

Everyone else is cheering but the xbot is looking gloomy with their heads down. Stinkin bots, you no happy with B-team?

Thats all youre gonna get. Not fking content with it? Fk it, B-team come over to the PS3 and let the bots rot away in their own slime.

At this stage of the console war, bots still think they have some sort of input lmao. Youre in absolutely no position to demand things as you folk rank last.

sony4life3878d ago

did this really come from 1up? "faints on the floor"

MrWonderful3878d ago

I think i just craped my pants! I cant believe what i just read!

Light Yagami3878d ago

And isn't milkman a big 360 supporter? He is right though. The b team is working on the 360 while the A team works on the PS3.

Final Fantasy > Dragon Quest > Any other JRPGs

mistertwoturbo3878d ago

Well if you look at the underlying message. "but it felt like the 360 got the B-team, while the A-team are free to frolic away on the PS3"

He's mad because the "A-team" are working on the PS3 and not the 360.

crck3878d ago

I'd be ecstatic about getting 3 titles from SquareEnix. Lets face it the 360 is on pace to sell under 120k units a year in Japan. They will be fortunate to break 1 million in sales during its lifespan. The fact that MS has ponied up money and SE agreed to the terms is pretty amazing in and of itself. Sucks for Ps3 only owners because SE basically sold them down the river. But I'd be willing to bet a fair chunk of change the titles will eventually surface on the Ps3.

3878d ago
crck3878d ago

1. The 360 is selling about 2k units a weeks. Look at Media Create or Famitsu if you don't want to believe it. Which would be 96k a year. However unit sales go up like they do with all systems during the Holidays so I rounded to 120k. But if you want to say 100k thats fine too. It is not 10k a year though.

2. I'm sure the Japanese people do not like being referred to as Japs and using the word is probably a violation of N4g rules. I'd refrain from using it in the future.

Omegasyde3878d ago

Wow your ignorance is appalling Crk,

Jap is a abbreviated term for Japanese and I don't find it offensive at all.

And the Number 1 REASON why the Xbox 360 is doing poorly in Japan...

Quality over Quantity. They are "very, very" aware of the failure rate, That is why the spending habits of the Japanese are towards higher ends goods. Brand expectations and dependability go a lot further in Japan than any where else in the world. They actually do their homework when making electronic/vehicles, etc. purchases.

crck3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

And even if you are just because you're not offended doesn't mean the majority of Japanese people find it acceptable. Do a search and you will find that plenty of people are offended by term. And if the term is acceptable how comes you will NEVER find the term used to refer to the Japanese population in any respectable media outlet?

BTW I did not give any specific reasons why the 360 is doing poorly in Japan and by any measure it is. So whats your point?

GiantEnemyCrab3878d ago

Then how do you explain the Xbox 1 doing poor in Japan?

It was rock solid built and very dependable and it was technologically superior to the PS2 and Gamecube.

Why the reliablity of the 360 hardware may be a factor I think there is more.

Montrealien3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

A-Team, B-Team, C-Team X-Team who the f*** cares, Square has it's hands in the 360 and that is good enough for me. FF13 and FF 7 remakes on the PS3, good Tri Ace titles on the 360, win win for all gamers.


pls, this 1up bias crap is old and immature, just my two cents...


I really don' t care about how well it is doing in Japan, I live in Mtl and will gladly take more RPG's of any kind on any console. And just FYI the 360 is over a half Million atm in Japan with 300 000+ paying Live subscribers, that says a lot.

Godoftheweek3878d ago

and I am offended. No, I am offended of your offence, strike that...I am offended of your offence of possible offended from your offence.

In other words, I DO NOT CARE. They are just words, I am a half-Jap, and proud of it. I am also Scandinavian. So you could say that I am a Japaweigian, or Scandanippion...either will do.

I cannot understand why so many babies get their bottles shook up over a WORD.

We are all HUMAN, nothing more...and nothing less. Biggotry is pointless because we are all HUMAN. There is no racism, why? Because we are the only hominid species left after millions (no, the Earth is NOT 6k years old) of years of evolution.

Frack enough with the WAAAAAAA already.

Willio3878d ago

The poster quoted someone from a forum as an article instead of the author of the original article.

pimpstation3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Damn, there are a lot of little girls on this site. crck must walk around crying all day wondering why everyone is so mean and has to hurt his little feelings. Jesus christ, japs is the least offensive word I've ever used It's like (WARNING: Extreme obscenity ahead! Proceed at your own risk!) the Brits calling Americans yanks or vice versa.

I have great respect for the people of Japan. They know enough not to buy the 360, unlike many American fools.

Also, from now on, I will refer to crck as Cracka Crack. Hope that's not too offensive fo you.

mandrake3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

@ pimpstation:

"Japs" is an ethnic slur. Look it up online. Do it before you embarrass yourself in polite company.

Let me get you started with this link:

You owe crck an apology, as well as every Japanese person that read your post.

v1c1ous3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

It's a a person...on SOMEONE ELSE's ARTICLE.

That's like submitting an article based on a comment made on N4g.

jesus, whoever approved should have their status revoked.

EDIT: It's a Lenhart article. how expected.

TheForgotten0ne3877d ago

Well, actually for SE Dragon Quest is bigger.
Dragon Quest > Final Fantasy > All other JRPG

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pwnsause3878d ago

this is from 1up?? *head explodes*

MK_Red3878d ago

The strange thing is seeing Sony going for FPS games (Resistance 2, Killzone 2...) and MS going for J-RPGs. Talk about swap!

As for MS' RPG confrence, of course it was underwhelming. Aside from Star Ocean 4, there was nothing new. Last Remnant footage was shown more than a year ago and its timed-exclusivity was the only big news. Still for me, Western-RPG > J-RPG.
Fallout 3 and Fable 2 FTW!

mistertwoturbo3878d ago

Ah yes Fable 2. I'm definitely interested in that one.

Bathyj3878d ago

Fable 2 is THE XB game I care about. That and the good games I already own are probably the reason I still have it. Plus I dont like to throw anything away, I still have my Wii.

KillaManiac3878d ago

Fable 2 is 100% why I got a 360.....

But on to topic...I agree with a above poster

Final Fantasy > Dragon Quest > ret jrpg

But also...don't forget the Terrible WII got Monster Hunter 3 (still baffled)

beavis4play3878d ago

i thought it was several styles of games. i'm not sure. what's more curious to me is: you'd really rather play a fable rpg than a final fantasy rpg? that boggles the mind. i imagine a FF7 remake would outsell any brand new fable game, but, to each his own.

Omegasyde3878d ago

Agreed Mk, the only thing Square did was piss off Sony fans. I am still baffled on how Star Ocean, A known PS brand game, goes from PS3 & 360 to 360 only. I am not saying the game shouldn't be released on the 360 but to have Square totally wipe off the PS3 version? Its stupid.

Reminds me of Monster Hunter sequels. Capcom got ripped for it.

And where the hell are the RPG's? and wtf is Sony in Japan doing? Afrika? Come on now... Atleast Sony America is working on FPS which make sense, and Sony Europe (PAL) is working towards Social games (singstar, Home)... The only exclusive Rpgs for the PS3 this year are white knight C, and freaking disagea 3. Wow.

So that leaves me to think that Sony Japan is doing Jack sh^t. While SCEA Runs the show, with SCEE doing their thing.

deeznuts3878d ago

Don't forget Valkyrie. That game looks pretty promising as well. Don't forget, we're in the 2nd year of PS3. Expect more releases next year.

Willio3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

MS is spending alot of cash lately on exclusives. i really dont want to risk a poor investment on a brand new refurbrished console at full retail price.

shine13963878d ago

that's very very interesting...its like a lights been turned on. everyone heard of the secret sony game. well we know what the bulk of europe and america are doing, that only leaves sony japan. Team ico game?
oh yeah, whose doing the siren game.
and just realized that the secret game was only shown in the uk. Killzone is being made in europe, so its not all casual..and singstar gets localized everywhere. just saying you know, europe has it's core gamers as well...

MK_Red3878d ago

beavis4play, Fallout 3 is a full RPG like previous Bethesda games and like them it's in first person (Unlike classic and real Fallouts). The FF7 remake could indeed outsell Fable but me, loves Western-RPGs more so Fable 2 for me :)
(Western RPGs are my fave overall genre and freedom of Fable and being able to be really evil is a must for me)

Omegasyde, the new Square Party made up for this confrence. 2 FFs for PS3, 1 for PSP and 1 Kingdom Hearts for PSP.
And indeed don't forget about Valkyrie Chronicles.

jackel 923877d ago

yeah i think its funny how ms is pushing rpgs and sony shooters, but all i really care about is ff13 verses

in other news i found this cool website called

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CViper3878d ago


Begin Shutdown Sequence

in 5




Condoleezza Rice3878d ago

I'm a big-let me rephrase that-I'm a HUGE fan of JRPGs,and out of those 3 games I'm only interested in Star Ocean tbh.

Last Remnant was never on my radar,and don't get me started on the art style of Infinite Discovery.