Our Top 5 Favorite Game Boy Games of All-Time

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the original Game Boy's launch in North America, and while the platform saw multiple versions and variants during its nearly 13 year reign on the market, we've decided to create a list of our personal favorites that debuted on the original hardware.

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Agreed Tetris is number 1 and was awesome back in the day

rodiabloalmeida1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I would be amazed if Tetris was not in number 1 position in any list of this sort.

guitarded771629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I just checked the list to make sure Tetris was there. I loved my GameBoy, then i let my crack head cousin borrow it and she broke it. Stupid [email protected]#.

Man, they sure could eat batteries though.

the_hitman30001629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I miss that system had so much memories when I was 5. So many good games. Sucks I lost it when I was young. I never found it. :/

Pokemon and Mario were my favorites though.

Chevalier1629d ago

Marioland and Kirby were my favourites hands down.

ArtificiallyYours1629d ago

Mario Land and Tetris all the way.

I usually do not play favorites but I have to say nothing quite compares to the Pack-In Tetris of DMG-01 fame.

ajax171629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I always wanted Kirby's dreamland... Nobody ever bought me it :( ... I was so happy when they remade it for GBA

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