Bioware Dev: The Witcher Is Badass, Can Coexist With Dragon Age As They're Different Styles

Bioware's Mike Laidlaw honestly proclaims that The Witcher is badass, adding that it's good to have RPGs as different as The Witcher & Dragon Age.

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LavaLampGoo1540d ago

They are a bit different, but I'm still worried one of their sales might suffer, and I don't them too, I really like both of them. They both look amazing.

Alexious1540d ago

Well, with three months of space between one and the other, I don't think that will be a problem

Bigpappy1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

They really are very different: DA is very team focused and there is a lot more management involved. Witcher usually does better with the one melee gameplay and the Graphics. DA also has more complex stories (Not saying better). Complexed because of all the people on your team that you are having to please and having to make the choice of what is more important to you. The Witcher does have some twist, but had been very story driven and linear.

henr0s1540d ago

Have you even played a Witcher game? The story is easily 100x deeper and more complex then Dragon Age. Dragon Age 2 is an entire joke of a bad game. The Witcher 2 on the other hand is one of the most interesting and mature rpg's that is currently out. Anybody who buys DA:I is supporting the shoehorning of LGBTQ into video games instead of actual interesting characters. You are the cancer killing the industry.

--Onilink--1540d ago

you have definitely never played a Wticher game. No one that has would call the Witcher a linear game. There are dozens of choices (real morally grey choices, not your typical good or bad) that shape the story and the ending that you get

camel_toad1540d ago

I really think if you're an rpg fan youre not likely to ever pass up on any of the good ones, no matter how close their launches may be.

700p1540d ago

Ill be getting dragon age since im a huge DA fan. BUT i may check out witcher 3 since i previously bought witcher 2 in the past and i loved it.

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karamsoul1540d ago

Doesn't matter if they're the same or different. I'm planning to play the bejesus out of both.

jegheist20141540d ago

lol exactly my sentiments exactly i aint heard anyone use word bejesus in long time made me laugh from it so i gave u bubble

Darkstares1540d ago

There isn't enough good RPG's being made, bring 'em on I say.

Aurenar1540d ago

I feel the smell of poop from here. Poor BioWare. They are slightly scared.

Alexious1540d ago

Now now, let's not exaggerate. Both are going to be great!

gamerfan09091540d ago

Why would they be scared of an RPG that comes out months after they do?

ccgr1540d ago

Curious how it'll turn out

TheUltimateGamer1540d ago

Wow... Wish more companies would take this outlook. Glad they appreciate the competition.

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The story is too old to be commented.