Nvidia Geforce GTX 880 to be Unvieled in Mid September – Price and VRAM Revealed

Pricing, Launching VRAM and Paper Launch date of the Geforce GTX 880 are now yours.

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starchild2514d ago

It will be mine. But I will wait for the 8GB VRAM variant.

mep692514d ago

Yep, same. Just in time for The Witcher 3 :D

--bienio--2514d ago

Do we know when nvidia can realase 8gb?? before february??

mep692514d ago

Well it said shortly after, so hopefully EVGA bring out the card.

FalloutWanderer20772514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

I'd love to grab one myself but I think I'm going to wait a few months after release that way I can evaluate the variant models that will soon follow. Benchmarks & reviews etc.

If you don't mind me asking, why the 8gb in particular? I am well aware of the recent as well as future increasing VRAM requirements but I'd think 4-6gb of VRAM would be sufficient.

*Edit* I'll add that if the 8gb models that much more of an increase of price then I;d grab one as well.I won't make I did last time with not going 4gb, since from what I've heard 1 GTX 770 cannot utilize 4gb of VRAM :(
Otherwise I could of went SLI 770's and I would of been set.

Of course, if anyone plans on doing some heavy duty video rendering,editing etc. and/or playing at super high resolutions, I see no other reason to go 8gb unless you plan on keeping that GPU for years.
( Which would be great if it lasted an extended amount of time,which I believe it would )

I;m looking to upgrade from a GTX 770 2gb. I'm not taking any chances with VRAM system requirements now a days. I could certainly see requirements jumping to 3gb - 4gb in the next 2-3 years.

I know I was pissed off after building my latest gaming rig with on 2gb of VRAM thinking I'd be ok for at least 1 1/2 years give or take.

I'm also upgrading specifically for The Witcher 3. hat and Star Citizen.

starchild2514d ago

You might be right that 4GB could be enough for upcoming games, but I would prefer not to take that chance. I, too, have a GTX 770 with 2GB of VRAM and I'm already seeing some limitations in games like Watch Dogs or Skyrim with certain mods.

I suspect 4GB might be fine, but I would prefer 6GB just to be safe. 8GB is probably overkill, but apparently the 880 will only come in 4GB and 8GB variants.

codelyoko2514d ago

Wait for the GM200 Variant. That will be the FULL POWER of the Maxwell Series UNLEASHED. It will cost an arm and a leg, but it will be DAMN worth it :) ETA to GM200 Maxwell is 6 months or so if you can wait that long.

ATi_Elite2514d ago

looking forward to getting a Nvidia GTX860ti SLi setup

which should be able to easily max out StarCitizen or The Witcher 3 at 4K!

kingduqc2514d ago

I hope you realize that even with 8X Msaa In 4k or triple 1080p you will never hit 5gb of vram usage and that even with SLI your framerate at 8X MSAA will be un the low 30s..

No one needs 8gb of vram per gpu, It's overkill even with 4 way sli and the gpu itself will crawl to it's kneens into unplayable framerate before you actually use 6gb ov vram, yet alone 8.

More memory =/= better performance.


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mep692514d ago


Azic2514d ago

I think im out of the PC market for now. Give the horrid ports PC's are getting the £1000's I have spent on PC parts etc over the years and for what? Higher resolution and a few extras on the Graphics.

Given that UBI are now going out of their way to make PC games = to console so not to show up the consoles, and the fact 9 weeks into watch dogs I still suffer horrendous jerks when driving. Steam's ever tighter EULA etc etc, I am about ready to leave to PC and take the easy route on my PS4.

I love my PC, its all Ultra High End does nothing but play games all optimised but is letdown by the software. There was a time when PC gaming was beyond amazing! But now IMHO its a joke. Look at steam...First 28 games coming soon are all indy or Early Access games. Nothing wrong with indy Early Access but come on give us a AAA game thats not just a port.

Also UBI's new £49.99 for PC games makes me laugh..Ill just buy on PS4 and have no issues. I think PC gaming is being marked for either death or a radical change.

I just can't keep spending on the latest hardware when its either ignored by devs and all I get is a console port or its full of bugs and does not work.

Its all Fail sadly.

lemoncake2514d ago

If you only like console genre games, which it seems you do, then yeah at this moment in time the x1 and ps4 are the best quick fix options. Personally I play the console games on my consoles and the PC only games on my PC.

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General Shrooms2514d ago

no one is forcing you to spend more money on your pc. I built mine almost 5 years ago and the only upgrade I gave it was a gtx 770. still handles great

GamerAZN2514d ago

I think he was just talking about not spending more money on his PC...

solar2514d ago

same here Mr. Shrooms. i have 560ti's in SLI and i have no problem playing anything. haven't upgraded in years and have been waiting for the Maxwell cards. dunno why this mate is taking the piss

GeraltofRivia2514d ago

i had zero problems with the past few Assassins Creed games on pc and I play them at 2560 X 1600. Are you running ATI graphics? typically (from my observations of browsing pc gaming forums) it appears that people with ati video cards complain or have more problems over people with nvidia video cards. All games i have played at 1600p look much better than anything consoles can produce, even when the games not the greatest port made.

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ATi_Elite2514d ago

you are NOT a PC gamer. You like console games and the console experience and there is nothing wrong with that so stop pretending to be a PC gamer just so you can rant and rave.

YOU just prefer console games and that's fine.

90% of PC games have Graphics mods which push things to great levels. PC gamers know this.

friggin Mincraft has a HD Graphics mod that is INCREDIBLE called Sonic Ehter.

8 bit Minecraft pushed to incredible levels so NEVER complain about PC Graphics again because there is a mod that will push a games graphics and punish your PC.

Also what PC games do you play? I'm not talking about multiplats I'm talking PC Exclusives?

starchild2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

I just don't get it. PC gamers like you (or people that claim to be PC gamers) complain about games not running well on PC, but that is a complete over-exaggeration. The vast majority of multiplats run amazingly well on any decent PC.

And you talk about Ubisoft games either running poorly or not looking better than the console versions, but the first point is hugely over-exaggerated, while the second point is completely false.

Ubisoft games, from Far Cry 3 to Assassin's Creed 4, nearly always have graphical options that push the PC versions well past the console versions. Far Cry 3 looks like a new gen game compared to the PS3/360 console versions which look last gen. And AC4, despite being a launch game for the new consoles (which is the time when consoles are closest to a good gaming PC in rendering power) it still has advantages on the PC such as percentage-closer contact hardening shadows, better ambient occlusion (HBAO+), higher quality tesselated god rays, much better anti-aliasing (TXAA, MSAA, etc.), physX driven particle effects, etc.

This idea that Ubisoft doesn't enhance their PC versions is just a flat out lie. They have been one of the publishers/developers that has most consistently pushed the PC versions of their games above their console versions.

And, yes, in some cases their games are very demanding or need some better optimization. But even those games are still better on the PC. It's not like the console versions are suddenly a better option just because you can't run the PC versions with maxed out settings at 60fps. You're still getting better framerates and graphical fidelity in the PC versions than you get in the console versions.

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FlyingFoxy2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

GTX 880 will be the one worth considering for future engine games like UE4 if you want close to 60fps @ 1080p as often as possible, i might not jump in and choose one until AMD release their cards though. Nv always put a stupid price on theirs to start with.

Fishy Fingers2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

UE is one of the engines that is always optimised very well. You certainly won't need this level of GPU to play at resolutions as low (by PC standards) as 1080p @ 60fps.

pandehz2514d ago

Hurry up my build is almost ready.

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