PS4 price drop, The Last Guardian, release dates, what to realistically expect from Gamescom 2014

GotGame writes: Gamescom 2014 is coming. Sony will be there and is expected to drop some big announcements. What do you think they will be?

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Fishy Fingers1931d ago

What to really expect is neither of those from the headline.

Abash1931d ago

The PS4 is in no need of a pricedrop, we can all rule that out.

What I realistically expect is Media Molecule's and Quantic Dream's PS4 games to be announced. Less likely is Guerrilla Game's PS4 game but Im hoping for that too

I am eager to see Until Dawn running on PS4 though

GribbleGrunger1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Agreed. Sony have just announced that they've managed to reduce manufacturing costs for the PS4 and suddenly people are jumping to conclusions prematurely.

What Sony were doing when they released that information is sending a message to Microsoft: 'We are in a position to cut the price of the PS4 to match any price cut you make.' It is designed to give Microsoft a difficult decision in light of pressure put upon them by their shareholders.

Sony will keep the pricing as it is and harness the selling power of bundles and the value proposition of PS+ (as they have so far) but now with the added value of PSNow.

IF Microsoft DO drop the pricing and it creates a spike that leads to a sustained higher monthly sales average (in the US), and if that new sales average threatens Sony's dominance, THEN and only then will Sony match Microsoft's new pricing. Even then they will wait a while to see if that new higher average is sustained for any meaningful length.

The one thing Sony try to do as much as possible is to avoid a knee jerk reaction to their competition. They hold fast and stick with their long term strategy until it's completely necessary to alter that strategy to compensate for any loss of interest.

SoapShoes1931d ago

But we found out that Guerrilla's new game was in consideration for E3 depending on if they felt they needed it. I'd say it's likely to be shown.

As far as a price drop? Probably only for PS3/Vita.

pedrof931931d ago

I only want The Last Guardian ! Only !

kreate1931d ago

Microsoft could cut the price of the x1 further no?

UltimateMaster1931d ago

Canada is getting a value upgrade by having The Last of Us PS4 bundled for the same price of a PS4 without any game.

GribbleGrunger1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

@kreate: No, MS couldn't just drop the price further. Their shareholders have already been putting pressure on them to drop the XB brand altogether, how are they going to feel about MS losing even MORE money per console?

@SoapShoes: Yes, it's more likely that the PS3/Vita could get a price drop early-ish (perhaps Christmas).

morganfell1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )


Probably will not happen. Why? It's a Japanese game at the core. I do believe we will see a new TLG reveal this year with a PS3 AND a PS4 version but I think that reveal will be at TGS rather than Gamescom.


No? No.

Giul_Xainx1931d ago

I really don't see a price drop happening until the xbox drops down to 325.

The word of mouth that has been spreading is the ps plus service. Most people do not know what it does for ps vita ps3 or ps4. However it is gaining ground. More people have been asking about the ps plus service at game stores.

The xbox one needs more than a new slogan if they want to remain competitive.

UltraNova1931d ago

A Morpheus update on its development, some planned games and movie support for it and a release window will do just fine for me.

The rest is just icing on the cake...(IMO)

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Ezz20131931d ago

yeah i agree
what would be the reason to lower the price for ps4 when it selling like hot cakes

Summons751931d ago

Why not a price drop? If they want to stay ahead of MS then they NEED to drop the price even if it is by $50. The Last Guardian is always expected even though something that nobody knows about happened in that office which truly set the game to development hell

SteamPowered1931d ago

Realistically, PS4 can maintain a healthy lead simply with the momentum they have now. I would of course welcome a price drop, but to say they NEED it would be premature.
Until X1 goes $350 or less, PS4 will lead the pack.

GribbleGrunger1931d ago

They sell what they manufacture. There is little point in dropping the price and creating a shortage. Think about it.

Outside_ofthe_Box1931d ago

Less than a year on the market and you want a price drop??? Price drops within a year of release is not common at all especially if your console is selling well currently.

DigitalRaptor1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Don't be silly.

PS3 was much more expensive than the cheapest 360 (Arcade SKU), for almost an entire generation, and outsold it practically every year.

They are staying ahead of Microsoft regardless of any price cut. Factor in the disadvantages PS3 had against it, and all the advantages the 360 had going for it that Microsoft has now all lost to PS4, and you can see why it's silly to suggest that MS can ever catch up, let alone surpass.

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Spenok1931d ago

I'm glad you read the article.... oh wait, you obviously didn't...

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luis_spartano1931d ago

All I want is:

* Syphon Filter PS4 announcement
* Uncharted 4 gameplay
* More Vita love(enough of indie crap)

Am I asking too much Sony?!

DigitalRaptor1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

My predictions for Gamescom:

- RiME (stage demo)
- Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (stage demo)
- Shadow of the Beast (stage demo)
- Press blowout for Bloodborne, including direct feed gameplay and playable demo on the floor.
- Debut teaser trailer for Without Memory (PS4 exclusive).
- New trailer for Ratchet & Clank Redux with release date.

Announcements/teaser trailers for (expecting at least 3 of these):
- Sony Bend's new horror IP;
- Media Molecule's new PlayStation Move/Morpheus IP;
- Guerrilla's new open-world fantasy IP;
- Until Dawn for PS4/Morpheus with stage demo
- Journey and The Unfinished Swan for PS4 and Vita, supporting cross-buy.

nope1111931d ago

A price drop won't happen for awhile.

Spenok1931d ago

Read the article... he states clearly to NOT expect one...

frostypants1930d ago

Right...but the N4G headline explicitly implies that there may be one. Submitter is a dbag.

nucky641931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

where to begin? I'd love to see doom running on ps4.
I'd love to see more of :
no mans sky
everybodys gone to the rapture'
the witness
DYING to see bloodborne/the order gameplay
more dying light gameplay
until dawn
more "lords of the fallen" gameplay
is the zombie dlc for gtav real?

and my big longshot hope is to just hear something....anything about RDR2.

btw - I've given up on "agent". what a disappointment. also thinking last guardian is dead too - even at best I don't think it'll be as great as I once thought it was going to be....very sad.

LAWSON721931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

PS4 price drop will not happen. Sony would be a fool to lower the price on a system that is not cheap to make and is still in high demand. They will lose potential earnings that are pretty much guaranteed. IMO no system should be seeing a price drop until next summer at the least, they should IMO just add more value to the price like a couple of free games or other incentives which is something Nintendo has been doing very well.

Anyways hopefully for Ps4 there is a demonstration of Bloodborne and some thing on the last guardian. As for Uncharted I loved the games but I don't really need to see footage to know I want it.

As for Xbone I want to see is some screenshots of Halo 3 because I am curious to see how it looks at a higher res, see how forge is in Halo 2, and see the new ranking system. Also I want to see Scalebound and Quantum Break demos.

As for Nintendo if they are at Gamescom I would like to see more mega pokemon, Zelda, Star Fox and X.

I would also like to see some new reveals and EA show footage of Mirrors Edge, ME, and Battlefront

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