Deep Silver Volition Working On Unnanounced AAA X360/PS3 Game

Volition Inc, a studio well known for making the Saints Row games for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and apparently working on an unannounced AAA game.

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Benoski1937d ago

Would love to see something new from them. All we've really seen from them during the last decade is Saints Row and Red Faction.

Now that they've lost Red Faction, Volition should at least make a new IP.

xtremexx1937d ago

That's what I'm hoping to see.

jay21937d ago

f sake why keep making ganes on 10 yr old tech sr5 though please

SpideySpeakz1937d ago

Instantly NOT interested once I saw 360/PS3.

Palitera1937d ago

Me too.

Time to move on.

InTheLab1937d ago

Ugh... Last gen game why? It's seriously time to move on. I know some of you haven't bought a current gen console yet and why should you if devs continue to support dated tech.

The easiest thing to do is to skip this game as well as cross gen games to send a message that it's time for the industry to move forward and stop clinging to old platforms for a few extra dollars.

xtremexx1937d ago

Not sure if its last gen, it might just be them in charge of the last gen ports for a next gen game.

Pintheshadows1937d ago

You don't put a studio like Volition on porting duty.

Summons751937d ago

The fact remains that the PS3/360 still have a higher install base and a lot of that base is hesitant to move up do to price or gaming coming back to the gamers and away from the casuals.

dumahim1937d ago

And PS2 has an even higher install base. Don't see them jumping to make games for that system anymore.

700p1937d ago

I have a feeling its another saints row.

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