Metal Gear 3: Revolver Ocelot confirmed fake

It looks like Metal Gear 3: Revolver Ocelot won't be seeing the light of day after all.

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lsujester3785d ago

Whole thing sounded fishy to start with. No surprise.

mistertwoturbo3785d ago

Ah well, it was good to think of anyway. After MGS4. I think I'm finally gonna be at ease. I've never been so excited for a video game it's ridiculous. The only other game I'm going to be almost excited for is probably God of War III.

Even if MGS5 is announced, not unless they include Snake in the story (even without him being in the actual game) then it's just not the same.

decapitator3785d ago

The least you could do is Thank me for bringing you that link...

poopsack3785d ago

well this didnt sound interesting to me, because if they do something like this I dont think ocelot is the way to go.

N73603785d ago

How anyone believed it is beyond me it was a pretty straight forward fake with the picture given without even looking at the information given....

crimsonfox3785d ago

it's nice to think about different ways they can go with it.

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