Fedora on PS3

A video of Fedora Core 5 running on the Playstation 3.

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nirwanda4351d ago

looks like sony and to a lesser extent MS with it XNA stuff are finally seeing the light alot of hackers only want to run homebrew stuff on the console and to open it up with linux may slow down the march towards running pirated software unless some find's a way of running game's off the hd

Dlacy13g4351d ago

Or is this totally defeating the whole concept behind "consoles"? I mean I buy my console for two reasons: 1) Play games on my couch in front of my tv instead of in my office on the PC. 2) It's flippin easy to use, no need to try and reconfigure your console...its plug and play.

I guess I just don't get that part of it. I am sure I am in the minority on sites like this, because most of the people hear seem tech heavy in their backgrounds so tinkering with a console in this way might be fun. For just seems like a poor attempt to be a PC.

GRUNT4351d ago

How much space does Linux take up?

klippoth4351d ago

I'm the guywho made this video (it's amazing how far this has gone in 24 hours). I actually did it just to see if I can, but imagine if I can get emulation configured with a wireless controller (I'm sure the Sony one won't work, but perhaps I can find drivers for a wireless usb one). I could have my entire old school video game collection stored on there, and play them with a real controller! It also opens up the options for codec support, seeing as how it seems that the PS3 natively only seems to support different veriation on the mp4 codec for watching video. In Linux, I can watch pretty much format of video, and listen to any format of music...and I've heard a lot of people getting excited about the possibilty of installing a media server on it, or turning it into a media client...

klippoth4351d ago

I used the 60GB model of PS3, and the PS3 has a built in formatting and partitioning tool. It gives you 3 options (and that's all):

60GB for the PS3
50GB for the PS3 and 10 for the guest OS (Linux)
10GB for the PS3 and 50 for the guest OS

I just gave Linux 10 GB of space, although I'm sure that amounts to a lot of wasted space...