The Wolf Among Us Episode 5 Review | Paste

With no lasting insight to speak of, the game shamelessly attempts to pull the rug out from under the audience, with the apparent intention to keep dragging us, like hooked fish, to another season or the comic book series that inspired the game — whichever purchase comes first.

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Revolt131935d ago

No, hell no.
It was a damn good episode, can't wait for season 2 :)

Baccra171935d ago

It was rushed and the ending was barely fleshed out. Episode 5 was the worst episode and the weakest link of the series.

RageofReaper1935d ago

Laughable score. In no world is this a 4/10. Opinions by very definition cannot be wrong.

But this one is.

Tiqila1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

I have not read that review, but the technical issues alone would justify a score as low as 4/10 by themselves. For story telling and everything I would rate that game a 9/10, but since I can't finish it because it freezes my ps3, this score would be highly overrated. Then there are the out of sync voices and in some dialogues at the end they are completely cut off. Then there are lots and lots of framerate irruptions. Sometimes the screen freezes but the sound goes on and then the picture has to catch up with the audio... in all honesty, this is unacceptable and I am not the only one facing these issues. Just check the official support forums. You could think telltale games is working hard to at least fix the freezing, but they boldly state that they are not working on a patch at all...

Clogmaster1935d ago

Their games barely have any polish. The animations aren't very good and feel unnatural sometimes.

The presentation is great though. Voice acting, music, and story as well.

KentBlake1935d ago

To me it's more like 9/10.