Think you’re good at Dishonored? Think again

Rabbit's Respawn is a YouTube video creator that focusses on skill, humour, and slick narrative. In this Dishonored video he shows off his zero-HUD killing skills.

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Hellsvacancy1955d ago

I loved Dishonored, I hope the focus on D2 will be making the game bigger rather than prettier

cfc781954d ago

I'll take a bit of both it's a new gen and games should be better in every way can't wait for D2.

Relientk771954d ago

Ok I beat Dishonored 4 times, and you did stuff that was just pure badass lol and things I didn't know you could do

AnotherProGamer1953d ago

the powers in Dishonored are overpowered, you are supposed to feel helpless and weak in a stealth game not just kill everything so easily