Xbox Live Gold Versus EA Access: Do The Numbers Add Up?

EA Access may be half the price of Xbox Live Gold but is it worth it?

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mrpsychoticstalker1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

It's definitely worth it. Call it the worst company or whatever you want. They do publish amazing games that I buy year after year. And to have them now for a subscription it's the best deal ever. If you add all the numbers it's really a great deal. In comparison:

"Sony has rejected EA Access saying it doesn't represent good value for the PlayStation gamer, the Japanese platform holder charges $50 for a year of PlayStation Plus and $30 for three months of PlayStation Now"

user74029311723d ago

the reason sony rejected ea is because sony is right, it does not provide a good value to playstation gamers. why you ask? because we get ea games, and we get all of the other publishers also.

mhunterjr1723d ago

You can get 4 ea games for 30days for less than $5?

ThatOneRiggaNob1723d ago

So in other words you let SONY decide what's good for YOU instead of YOU deciding what's good for YOURSELF. Even if you didn't like EA Access I'm sure there are some other PS4 owners who probably would've like to try it but Sony said nope.

4Sh0w1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

I don't get the logic of the question, they are not competing services, they are complimentary services.

XBL has many perks but ultimately it's the cost to play online.

EA access is a service that allows you to play old EA games you might not have played yet for a fraction of the retail price, currently the games available now would cost those who paid for EA Access $192 if they purchased them from the store, but you can play them now for $5 a month/$30 per year, and this is just the beta, more will be added, you get 10% off EA new games and you get early access to sample new games.

If you don't like the deal your prize is you get to go to the store and buy these EA games or buy/rent any other games the same way you do now.

Charybdis1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

will be interesting to see if sony will indeed offer better deals on in this case ea acces games with their services on ps+ or with the online streaming service ps now. Also wonder if Microsoft is considering a streaming service to compete with ps now.

morganfell1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

mhunter you have no idea what 4 games you can get now do you. If you think you will be playing the latest EA games for that had better lay off that pipe.

Sony pricing is not yet final. People keep ignoring this fact.

Mr Pumblechook1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

The sums in this article assume too much which adds up to bad maths.

The writer, trying to illustrate the value of Gold in comparison to EA Access. He assumes that each person will buy 48 x $10 Deals with Gold games in a year! Rather than including possible purchases of discount games I would stick to comparing what has been declared as definitely being included in both Xbox Live Gold and EA Access.

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aceitman1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

I think the price on playstation now is a good deal hell I pay 30$ in 3 months for netfix. And its basically a gaming netflix service. How many games do u think ea comes out with in a year. On xbox.think about it. Sonys now has over 100 games now and it will have back catalog of 1000, s of games.

marlinfan101723d ago

Whats the $30 have to do with ps now? That's the price of ea access not ps now. Ps nows prices are by the game and cost anywhere from 3-5$ for 4 hrs of renting. Thats the price for a month of ea access and you get all the games and a 10% discount on ea products.

aceitman1723d ago

my reply is to mrpsychoticstalker he is the one who mention 30$ for 3 months of ps now. and it is not 3-5 for 4 hrs im sure ur not in the beta .

Couldntfindasn1723d ago

You do realize these are only tiles on PS3 and before.... You want to rent a PS3 title for 3 months for $30?? How is that a good deal.

marlinfan101723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

oh okay i didnt realize that. and yeah I am in the beta would you like me to give you some prices?

adventure time: explore the dungeon because i don't know
4 hours for 5$

anomaly war zone earth
3$ for 4 hrs

ben 10 omniverse
$3 for 4 hrs

ben 10 omniverse 2
$5 for 4 hrs

these prices are up as of right now

the list goes on and on. they aren't all like that. theres a few no name games like "back to the future the game" that have cheap 90 day rentals but who wants to play those games lol theres a reason those are by far the cheapest

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Deadpoolio1723d ago

What the hell drugs are you on? But I guess then again your still using a picture of Ledger Joker....They don't make "amazing" games they make mediocre games that 50% of things get cut out to sell them to you later, their sports games are literally the only option people have in some instances.

It's not hard to be the best in sports games when your the only publisher allowed to make them....And what a great deal to sell you games like Madden 11, fifa 12 or Army of two 1 all with no online capabilities whatsoever, yep that is certainly value.

Your delusional if you think when things like Madden 15 come out your going to get access to things like Madden 14 cheaper, you'll be lucky if things like that happen in 2017 you might get a cheap enough discount on Madden 14.....

I love how you dimmer people who generally probably play on Xbox want to talk like this is the second coming of Christ, from the same company that released Brokenfield 4, people cried about that till no end but suddenly they're Jesus because they want to offer 360 owners their old games

Couldntfindasn1723d ago

Lol maybe in 2017 well get a cheaper discount on madden 14? You do know that madden 25(14) is already in the vault. Odds are we will get madden 15 next march/april/may or earlier.. That's a couple months to play its while its still the latest version out. Discounts and early access are also great. And if you don't like it. Don't subscribe. At least M$ gives you the option

Godmars2901723d ago

The service isn't out, and by admission wont be up to speed for some time. So its too soon to really be asking.

Though really, if you happen to into EA games, and if they offer something preferred, then it likely will be.

Just takes me as a scheme for pre-orders and demos. Paid early access.

user95589031723d ago

It's out for me being that I'm an Xbox live early acess beta user. And I already got 4 FULL games for 5 dollars a month. I'm pretty happy with it

Kayant1723d ago

It's a good deal if you play a lot of EA titles for a while because vault games will be old, the trial of 2 hrs or a bit more for new titles before the launch is nice.
The one thing I don't like is the precedence it sets as if other pubs decide to do these aswell the market becomes oversaturated with sub options and GwG and PS+ will become worse becomes pubs will be less likely to provide titles to Sony/MS when they have their service.

hkgamer1723d ago

I think it seems to be similar to what PS+ was when it was first announced, but better.

PS+ only allowed specific games or DLC for cheaper whilst EA is allowing everything.

As you said the vault will be old games and atm it looks pathetic, but BF4 is there so maybe just pay for one month, buy everything you want then cancel?

xDHAV0K24x1723d ago

If I get LIVE for $40, would that change your mind?

diesoft1723d ago

In its current state it's not going to appeal to as many people. Madden and Fifa you could give to me for free and I still wouldn't play them. Peggle is something I've just played a couples times, it's okay. BF4 would be the only thing I'd be interested in.

So the question for a lot of us is really this: What will the full product be? I haven't seen any article that says what EA will offer in the post-beta phase so if all they offer is stuff like this then I will pass. If they add a lot more games and the price stays the same, it may become more enticing but as it is....I will pass.

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