Final Fantasy 13 demo and E3 confirmed has found some great news on FF13:

"Well well, Final Fantasy fans can be happy once again as Square Enix will be returning to E3 this year at Los Angeles Convention Centre, the place where it should be because last year E3 was shambles. Square pretty much sat through the entire thing last year."

"Good news is though, Square Enix is appearing at E3 2008. This is looking like a good sign as the Expo returns to the Los Angeles Convention Centre. Last year when E3 was in shams, Square Enix choose to basically sit the entirety of E3 07 out, to the dismay of FF fans worldwide. As the Expo is returning to a singular location, and Square is confirmed to have a very large both to itself once again, and not to mention the drought in news, E3 2008 will almost certainly bring news on FF13 and hopefully Versus 13 as well."

"Square Enix is planning on getting a demo out to the public, although not specifying any particular region. The demo is planned mainly to showcase the new and very different battle system of Final Fantasy 13. The theme of the first game is determination, something that has been translated well so far in Lightning's actions and expression"

Lets hope its real!

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pwnmaster30003786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

well now we kno the winner of e3 already shiit this is hella exiting.

the 2 biggest rpgs this generation,


it so fukin how siligon its trying to hard imean look at the open zone and this zone.

omg square just announce the multi for star ocan. its gonna be so funny and i bet u we wont c hella xbots for a while

Silogon3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

If this is the one in space or with the futuristic backing then no. this game is going to suck. the best ff was FFx to me. It reminded me of Labyrinth in a way and had a very good medieval fantasy feel to it. No final fantasy has touched that since.

This is not a reason to own the ps3. Hell, the way it's going it'll be on xbox 360 anyways. Just wait.

Veryangryxbot3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I thought SE was siding with MS, bots? What happened there hahaha!


FF13 and VS13 are PS3 exclusive.

Im expecting KH3 to be PS3 exclusive as well.

If the price to be paid is SO4 multi platform, which of course will be announced for the PS3 this E3, than Ill gladly ACCEPT it.

YOU LOSE, WE WIN AGAIN. Nothings changed, 360 is still the worst console out there and PS3 still gets all your games and more. NOW WHAT?

E3 2008 = PS E3 once again.

PS look at their hidden message to you, stupid monkey bots. LAST HOPE for 360. Roflmao if you cant tell what they mean by that, you must be dumber than a fking piece of rock.

pwnmaster30003786d ago

u guys been waiting since 06 and u guys keep getting debunked for every news it was coming to 360, why r u guys so stubbor.

and ur so happy i cant wait till they announce star ocean for ps3 to. u kno is gonna happen. they cant keep on the 360 long because is not gonna sell.

star ocean is timed and so is last remnat
u fukin kno it bro

poos33786d ago

DAMN I HATE SONY LIES THE SAY THIS TO MAKE PPL BELIVE THE DEMO WIL BE COMIG ANY TIME THIS YEAR HAHAHAH you will notice you get this reaction from sony trols sony website every time when a major 360 exclusive is annouced in this case STAR OCEAN 4 and many others from a developer that has only made ps1 and 2 games yes u can feel the nerviuos ness and the wishthinking in this ps3sites info he is lieing no qyotes from any s.e representative just him predicting the futre as he sees it dont get me wrong ff13 will be shown at e3 so will ocean4,ifinite discovery and many many many many many mnay more new games for the 360 .

pwnmaster30003786d ago

yeah just like sony gonna announce many more games to

and u do kno star ocean is gonna be timed and last remnat is timed to u kno that right.

ahh i cant wait till e3 lots of good game coming from both sides. but ps3 will be on top even if it by a little

juuken3786d ago

Silogon...this is why you're down to one bubble. Keep talking like that and you'll end up with none. If you have nothing remotely intelligent to add to a conversation then take my advice.

Don't talk.

And Poo3, I suggest leaving the crackpipe alone for a while before your brain implodes.

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Silogon3786d ago

Is this the uninspired space one with the ugly girl dodging lasers? think I'll pass and by Star Ocean instead. It looks better and has an actual battle system worth getting into.

The gaming GOD3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Are you joking?

I'm not sure what YOU saw. But the FF 13 trailer I remember seeing looked VERY inspired. And that "ugly girl" is named Lightning

hunter213786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

well that sucks for you then. cant believe you will pass on this game. only a foo will do that... hmmm

3786d ago
steck673786d ago

Star Ocean looks pretty sweet, I have to agree on you on that, but please do not underestimate the power of Final Fantasy.

ActionBastard3786d ago

Just buy a PS3 and stop hating on the games you want to play.

thesummerofgeorge3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Silogon, good job completely judging and dumping on a game the public knows little to nothing about yet, it's not as if the series has a long history of delivering top notch games. Unfortunately for your theory, Final Fantasy XIII is going tear ass and is going to force those ridiculous words down your throat.
Edit: BTW, notice the lack of bubbles beside your name? It's a sign... It's a sign you're maybe not being quite as constructive as you could be.

Mr Fancy Pants3786d ago

Oh please Silogon shut up! Sometimes you make good arguments but this one is plain retarded. You know s#!t about FFXIII... so do I.

wind_dragon3786d ago

何!?シォゴンはばかですよ!君は尼が有りますよ!くたばれ!! !

Nitrowolf23786d ago

who the hell would agree with you
even if its just one shame on them

damrightfresh3786d ago

Star Ocean dont even look that good to me.All of is CGI no gameplay..We need more video before saying anything else about the graphics..

Star Ocean series is not for me..But i dont mind it coming out for the PS3 later down the road..and i know for sure it will happen soon.

Final Fantasy is the game everybody wants for the ps3

[email protected]3786d ago

Can someone please burst his bubble away... geezzzzz he's paranoid and also a bully o.O

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niall773786d ago

you dont even own a ps3 do you?

well looking at your posting history I guess you dont.

popup3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Maybe we can all put some money in a pot and buy him some crayons for his nose?

1stKnighT3786d ago

13 Final Fantasy's and numerous spinoffs??? LMAO. Milking that cow dry.

PirateThom3786d ago

Yeah, 13 entries in the official series in over 20 years all of which are critically acclaimed... terrible.

3786d ago
PirateThom3786d ago

Actually, once 13 comes out, it will mean there's been more FF games in the offical series on PlayStation consoles, at the minute, it's tied.

Apocalypse Shadow3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

with a possible forerunner game coming.that's 4-5 games with the same content.

milking the cow dry?everyone knows that each FF is a completely different game and universe except for direct side stories.


SmokingMonkey3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

yeah i can't wait for HALO-KART
how many people actually wanted to play LEGO HALO? <<< a lot
EDIT: how many mario games are there? next 1stKnight will explain to us why it's bad for videogame sales to release sequels to great franchises.

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