Taking a look at the bosses of Metal Gear Solid

PS3Fanboy- "One of our favorite things about the Metal Gear Solid franchise has to be the bosses. They were always larger than life, and loved having lengthy conversations with Snake about war and life. Talk about not dying silently! Joystiq has an incredible recap of the various bosses of the esteemed franchise. Learn about all the bosses, everyone from Revolver Ocelot (the only character in the series to be in every game -- not even Solid Snake can attest to that!) to Ninja to the boss of all bosses, Boss."

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jamilion3781d ago

One of the MANY things that make Metal Gear Solid the best franchise IMO!

socomnick3781d ago

Imo the new bosses look lame. MGS 1 had the best bosses. The new bosses all look the same.

Angelitos3781d ago

socomnick, stop smoking

Anyways, they look mighty FINE :)

ReaperXL73781d ago

Has and probably always will be Sniper Wolf I can't quite put into words why, for me though it just felt epic, and kind of beautiful at the same time.

Angelitos3781d ago

I bet MGS4 will have the best bosses in gaming history :)