Destiny: Good, Bad, and Unknown Post-Beta

GoodGameBro writes, "The Destiny Beta has now been closed for a few days and the many players who got into the testing period across all four of the game’s consoles are likely still dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of no longer being able to take their Guardians to The Tower and out into the Frontier of Old Russia.

In my impressions posted after the Destiny Alpha, I spoke about how that early taste of the game on PlayStation 4 had converted me from somebody who didn’t know what the big deal was about Destiny to somebody who was all-in (and has subsequently pre-ordered the Limited Edition of the retail game). After spending eight more days with the Destiny Beta, positive impressions remain but are joined with concerns and lingering questions as we now face just over a month before the game’s retail release."

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mrmonk1730d ago

Yes i no what u mean i didn't care or see all the fuss made about destiny wasn't planning on getting it then me and my friends got a few beta codes played it & loved every minute of it so the four of us preordered can't wait to have a blast at the full game roll on September 9th.

BattleTorn1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

"For example, despite getting three Guardians to Level 8 in the Alpha, it took until the Beta was half over for me to understand that the Vaults in The Tower area allowed you to store weapons, armor, and items which can be shared between your multiple character account in the game. This allows your higher-level characters to stash away items which may no longer be useful to them but could be useful in the development of a separate character; but there’s no tutorial or instruction to be found in the game which explains that useful tip."

Doesn't it show you when you first visit the Tower?

Paakaa101730d ago

I took three characters through to level 8 in both the Alpha and Beta; if there was specific instruction to the use of the Vaults during the "on-boarding process," I must have missed it six separate times haha.

BattleTorn1730d ago

I could be confused with the numerous YT videos I watched.

I know IGN did a Tower walkthrough video, and they made specific mention of it.

N4Flamers1730d ago

I figured it out quickly because I like to stash gear. What surprised me is that glimmer is shared between characters too.

Paakaa101730d ago

Apparently I'm not the only one who had the thought haha:

Baccra171730d ago

I tried using the vault and it wouldn't work, except for showing me that it was a place to store stuff.

TRD4L1fe1730d ago

All i want to know is if i will be able to keep my progression of my beta character? Im not to worried about the gear but i would like to keep my Cryptarch rank and vangaurd rank seeing how much of a pain they are to lvl

BattleTorn1730d ago

Bungie says they're unsure.

I don't take Bungie as ones to mislead people intentionally.

So my interpretation of their comments, regarding progress from beta, is that they are seriously trying to work it in, but can't come out and make any promises.

--Onilink--1730d ago

pretty much guaranteed that it wont carry over, which is a real pain (it would be my 3rd start since i was in the alpha), but from bungie's perspective it makes sense. They want everyone to start on a level playing field.

The only thing they have mentioned would carry over is the emblem if you played during the event on Saturday