Kikizo: Haze Review 5/10

What could have been so good and what - according to the hype - was going to be so great has proven to be nothing more than a complete and total let down, tied together with some decent ideas but coming out as nothing but totally, completely and utterly shonky.

Graphics - 6.0
Sound - 7.0
Gameplay - 5.0
Depth - 6.0
Presentation - 7.0
Overall -

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chelseafc3806d ago

i downloaded the demo and it kinda felt like i was playing soldiers of fortune crap

1ben23806d ago

another bad score, does this mean this game is crap?

/end sarcasm :P

LinuxGuru3806d ago

Guys, check out my personal review of Haze.

You'll find it to be very truthful and straightforward.


Haze is receiving WAY too much hate without proper justification.

yanikins1113806d ago

Agree with linux. Picked it up the other day, and im glad i did. It has some faults, but ill be damned if it isnt fun, the story is actually quite well done for a fps, and the multiplayer is unique. I was playing multiplayer for the first time lastnight and i actually said to no one, "this is f***ing wicked". Not many games get me saying that.

At very worst, Rent with an open mind.

yanikins1113806d ago

The shipping container... Actually made me feel ill. And what they were doing to merino on the elevator. And when you're walking through the copper plant and you get the nectar disruption. How any reviewer can call these scenes laughable is disgusting when they draw so many comparisons to what western countries are doing right now. There is an unpopular message in the game and i think maybe it has alot to do with the bad review scores.

If you have ever asked yourself "what if there was a war and no one turned up?" and you like a decent fps, you need to consider this game.

Also, is it just me or did the game engine really shine when you're airborne? Looked wicked to me. But im only running it on a 42 inch lcd screen at 720.... What do I know?

poopsack3806d ago

I liked chasing the big mantel thingy with the pickup truck.