No EA Access on PS4 is disappointing, but understandable

Opinion piece - PSU looks at the Sony snub of EA Access.

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JoGam1954d ago

It may be disappointing to some but not all. Playstation Now is what I want. EA is just trying to do something similar.

XiNarutoUzumaki1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I have no problem with Playstation having its onw ecosystem. Why do we need EA, the conmpany that everybody hates, service when we have PS+ and PS Now? In that way, I understand.

Remember how Nintendo didn't allow EA to put Origin on Wii U? Everybody called Wii U '''Dinosaurs'& amp; #39;, or some said, ''Nintendo is still operating like in the 90s. And at the end, Nintendo did the right thing.

mhunterjr1954d ago

I think for the same reasons you'd want to have more than one grocery store in town. Competition.

For as great as PS+ is. You are limited to a few titles a month and it's all up to Sony. If different entities could create their own store fronts within PSN, it would allow for some competition in the digital space, which could mean more savings... More like how competition in retail leads to lower prices on disk based games.

mrpsychoticstalker1954d ago

From the article:

While you can’t really blame Sony for thinking about the possible loss of revenue that could occur if EA came on board with its own attractive subscription-based system, it’s still incredibly disappointing that PlayStation consumers won’t benefit from a scheme that would have ultimately saved them money.

It's understable that Sony wants to make as much profit as possible from its service, but they really upset a lot of fans for not giving them a choice.

mochachino1954d ago

I'd much prefer Sony give me the choice to choose what gaming services I want. It already has PSN plus, no need to restrict companies from adding services on top of that.

I'd pay 60 bucks a year if EA's catalogue included new releases.

Razjin1953d ago

What people cease to understand is that most ea tittles end on in the instant collection or at discounted price. So I see no point in this because even if ea can't get access on the ps4 they still get revenue from the games that sony puts up in the instant collection.