Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets 14 Days Free Trial, Recruit a Friend Program

Square Enix announced today that the company is going to offer a 14 day-long free trial of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and a recruit a friend program.

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dota2champion1957d ago

Cool, would love to try this out

djplonker1957d ago

I will give you a 14 day trial tomorrow when its up all my mates that would play the game already have it :p

vishmarx1957d ago

tell me when it come on the ps4

dota2champion1957d ago

yes, that would be great! Thx!

Mega241957d ago

I like the game, but the combat needs to be a bit more reworked, sometime the rotations don't feel to be fluently, that would be my only complaint. Also Marauder/Warrior needs a dps subclass, its the best looking Class in the game IMO.

EcoSos31957d ago

I would still be playing this game if I didnt get stock with Garuda :'(

paradigmfellow1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I quit the game. I have 17 days left with my current subscription. I am only helping my coil static until they find a replacement (in the next 17 days as of this post) . I got burned out at the beginning of 2.2. The game became a grind, crafting and gathering was not fun, no one uses party finder anymore, and hunts pretty much destroyed the game. Also, I hate gear allocation from coils. My group gets mostly healing and tank gear. I am a firm believer of weighted RNG for gear drop. They should have weighted gear drop rng based on the party composition and who doesn't have what.

Mega241957d ago

What mmo this days doesn't feel like a grind, for either gear, materials, levels or professions.

paradigmfellow1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

2.1 and before did not feel like a grind. Once they added atma farming, collection of 30k mythology tomestone for the animus weapon, alexandrite farming, the option of paying for over priced materia or spirit bonding grind for a random materia for your novus weapon, and hunts, which are not always certain because other people may have killed it or you get very little rewards because you did very little damage, the game became a true grindfest.

What I hated about gathering was that it was time dependent and it always distracted from doing the things I enjoyed because I needed to get gill.

I hated crafting because of rng.

They appealed way too much on the FF11 crowd.

I hated FF11 for that reason.

Also, leveling was easy in FF14 and I loved that.

WeAreLegion1957d ago

Loved the beta. I'll hop on again. I simply don't have the time to devote to a game like this. :/

noxeven1957d ago

The grind killed it for me and the inactivity of my guild. Its a struggle when you are geared out and looking for a coil group then your guild says just wait for us but every time they are like we are gonna do it they never show up. I think i ended up with every combat job either in the 40s or max level by the time my guild actually had more then just me show up for coil