PlayStation Unleashes Its Game Streaming Service on North America

The secret to selling gamers on PlayStation Now, says David Perry, is to not tell them what it is.

“We decided not to explain the cloud to people,” Perry, CEO of Gaikai, says of his company’s signature game-streaming service, now a part of Sony’s game brand. “It doesn’t matter where it’s coming from, or how it works. They’re interested, they click, and a game appears. We saw gamers tweeting, ‘what is this magic?’”

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stuna11953d ago

Going by this article PS Now will be a force to be reckoned with, and could possibly transcend the Playstation brand! At this point it's a far bigger endeavor than what any other console maker or, developer/producer have in the works! Plus the whole infrastructure, server support and source coding have been redone to allow for multiple application for different platforms, even those not Sony exclusive.

PS Now is also Server based Cloud technology at work, without the need to throw around Buzzwords! And from the article PS Now will boast a fairly large server infrastructure of its own! Especially if the service is slated to roll out to the entire Playstation fanbase at some point, as well as be available to non-proprietary hardware as well.

Only thing I can say is, Sony is not messing around this gen.

ScorpiusX1952d ago

Laying it on a bit thick their, come on a force to be reckoned with .ha ha that was funny

gigoran1952d ago

yeah what you wrote THEIR was your opinion. You're entitled to it, just like he is. You may think his is wrong, but what you wrote as a reply added absolutely nothing at all. THEIR are many things to support PS Now and some against it too. Maybe THEIR is one thing that would be useful even to someone as negative as you. My advise is if THEIR is nothing you can add to the conversation, you should probably just keep it to yourself.

Also, THEIR? seriously? haha that was funny

stuna11952d ago

So take it you didn't read the article? Not my words, it's what's stated in the article! So the disagrees are focused at the developers of Gaikai.

andibandit1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )


a force to be reckoned with..
a far bigger endeavor..
coding has been redone..
fairly large server infrastructure..
not messing around this gen..

I could use most of these sentences to describe my bowl of breakfast.
It's all PR and hardly any facts.

Also whats up with wall of text from the Grammar police?, I mean if you're wanna get picky you problably mean "Advice" and not "Advise", in your context.

incredibleMULK1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Force to be reckoned with. More like a popcorn fart.
Let me know when they start streaming real games and not Indies.

Doesn't even have god of war 1. Moving along,.....

TomahawkX1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I think this is a great service, really reminds me of the good old days renting SNES games at Blockbuster Video. The prices are okay, they just need to get rid of the 4 hour option and include a free 30 minute trial for every game

donthate1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Prices are okay?

The price is too high for an experience that is subpar with laggy single player experience, and compression artifacts. No thanks!

Here are the things they need to do apart from the technical problems (of internet not being great everywhere):

* lower the price to $1 for at least 48 hour access
* 1-hour trial
* add a $10 subscription service with a vault of games to choose from
* widen the infrastructure significantly

FarEastOrient1952d ago


Who are you working for? A 2 day old account with post of EA Access and a hit on Sony's PS Now.

donthate1952d ago


I can assure you that I do not work for a company that is even remotely close to video games. I am in the food industry now.

However, don't you think if they were, they would be less obvious?

Nope, just a gamer that speaks his mind!

Let's get back to the actual discussion, eh?

xYLeinen1952d ago

Prices are too high you all say, and yes they probably are. But don't whine about the prices when Sony officially said they are beta testing PS Now to find the correct pricing.

MasterCornholio1952d ago

Want lower prices?

Don't rent the games.

Its up to the consumer to decide which price point they are comfortable with.

FarEastOrient1952d ago

Vote with your wallet and blame the publishers. The only way to curb the company's prices is to influence them with the lack of money at the current rate.

DragoonsScaleLegends1952d ago

I rented killzone 3 on ps now for 30 days which was around $7.99 and the latency is just to high to enjoy it. The quality is reasonable but the latency just sucks. I could feel the cross hairs moving too far over whenever I was aiming almost made it completely unplayable. I have a 20mbps connection and the connection test said I could play yet it felt unplayable. Hope they can make the service better or it's doa for me.

Sokol1952d ago

I believe that you also need a decent upload speed as well. Since the server is communicating back and forward to your console, it will need a decent upload speed as well.

Few months ago I had 15down/3upload speed and I had difficulty streaming movies in HD. During the movie the quality would fluctuate back and forward inconsistently.

Few weeks ago I upgraded to 60down/10up and no more issues.

So far I tested Dead or Alive 5, Of Orcs and Man, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and I'm currently playing Final Fantasy XIII though PlayStation Now.

In all honestly, smooth like a butter, I couldn't even tell the difference in visuals from the disk version and the response was excellent, especially with fast paced games like Sigma and Dead or Alive.

It's a fantastic service that works, however I don't believe the speed of the Internet is yet properly established.

Also, the prices could use some work. I'm ok paying 5$ for 30 days renatal however, some newer games outright ask for 15$ or 20$ for the same month.
Mind you some of this games are older and can be picked up for cheaper in retail.
I would love to see subscription option added, similarly to Netflix where you can enjoy majority of the games at one yearly or monthly price. Not to mention, add PS and PS2 classics as well. :)

With proper internet connection PS Now works, extremely well. However, how much will it cost to consumer is another story.

From personal experience in close beta and now in the open, I wouldnt recommend anything less then 20 down/5up for good experience and higher for optimal gaming.

DragoonsScaleLegends1952d ago

Well with the Time Warner Cable monopoly in my area I won't be getting anything over 2mbps upload speed for another 10 years without spending over $200 a month which is what I'm getting close to. They keep increasing the price every month. $175 a month for crappy internet and tv.

jegheist20141952d ago

its still in open beta one main reasons why i refuse to pay for something until its stable they need to pust few test games to test latency like older high demanding game like uncharted 1 or god of war 3 but its only like 1 hour stream test for input latency.

i have 100 mbps latency is quite horriblei n closed beta on free games they had on offer

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