Electronic Arts: Access is the Future

Critically Sane: "The key to making this service successful is EA continuing to add value to the subscription as things progress. If EA can offer up Need for Speed Rivals, UFC, Titanfall and so on as time passes, I can see this being a huge win for them and it may entice other publishers to follow suit with their own subscription services, something I would gladly embrace. I see value here for me as a consumer, but if I cease seeing that value I’ll stop utilizing the service. It’s a choice and good on EA and Microsoft for allowing me to make it."

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djplonker1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

"Access is the Future"

Fifa 14 - in TWO months fifa 15 will be out and the value of fifa 14 will fall below $5/£3 pretty much instantly - (has microtansactions)

Madden nfl 25 - in 27 DAYS madden 15 will be out - (has microtansactions)

Battlefield 4 - No dlc included and will be replaced by hardline in half a year or so - (has microtansactions)

it's not exactly sounding like the future but more like the past.....

Ron_Danger1727d ago

I know I'd love a future where we pay a subscription to each publisher just so we can play games from a small list of options that the publisher allows us to play! Who needs personal choice when we can be told what we need to play!


creatchee1727d ago

Nobody forces you to subscribe. You have the choice. I don't know why that is difficult to understand.

Ron_Danger1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )


It's because if it generates enough revenue, other pubs will follow suit and we'll end up in a world where every publisher requires a subscription to play their games. Stop looking at where we are today as a gaming community and look at where we'll be if we keep letting publishers decide how we game.

This isn't a fanboy issue, it's a gaming community issue as a whole. There was a time not too long ago when playing online on a console was free, then enough wallets opened up and now 2 of the big 3 require a payment to play online.

kariyanine1727d ago

@Ron I am looking at it from a future standpoint and would gladly jump on with an Ubisofft or Activision like sub/loyalty service. EA Access isn't required to play any of the games, it's a sub service that has X,Y, Z content as well as a discount service for new titles. If that changes in the future than sure it could get ugly but nothing about the announcement points to that future other than our own twisted outlook on the gaming industry.

n4rc1727d ago

Except nobody is forcing you into this program.. They will still gladly sell you your games on disk or digitally..

Some of you guys are really grasping at straws to try and bash this.

How in the world is it any different then a publisher specific PS+?

creatchee1727d ago


"It's because if it generates enough revenue, other pubs will follow suit and we'll end up in a world where every publisher requires a subscription to play their games."

No. This isn't requiring a subscription to play a publisher's games - this is giving the option of buying a subscription to play older games, get early access and trials of new games, and receive discounts on future purchases. If you don't like it, don't subscribe - you can still buy a game at the store or Amazon or download it as usual. It. Is. An. Option.

"There was a time not too long ago when playing online on a console was free, then enough wallets opened up and now 2 of the big 3 require a payment to play online."

Sony's decision to charge for online multiplayer didn't come because Microsoft got away with it - it's because of the costs involved with maintain an online gaming network. Servers must be bought and maintained. Netcode must be optimized constantly. Employees must be hired and paid to run the infrastructure. Customer service agents have to be trained and paid to handle problems. The internet service provider for the company has to be paid for access the internet and handling DNS. There is an insane amount of money that needs to be spent to handle all of that, and saying that it was free last generation doesn't cover any of those costs. I'll never fault Sony for charging this gen - they should have done it before.

Ron_Danger1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

I'm not disagreeing with any of you because you're all bring up valid points, except you guys are too stuck in how things are today. An all digital gaming future is going to happen, and if EAA is a glimps at where all digital is headed, then it's a subscription for each individual publisher. I understand my tinfoil hat is a little tight today, I just don't want what I'm saying to happen.

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Ashlen1727d ago

Electronic Arts: Access is the Future

I sure hope not.

ger23961727d ago

I don't know about it being the future, it sounds good on paper. We'll have to wait and see how it actually works. My question is if it's only available on Xbox 1, does it mean it's backwards compatible with 360 games? Or only Xbox one games?

ger23961727d ago

Thanks, but when they say vault don't they mean most of their library? Which most are 360 games. How are you going to digitally down load 360 games on Xbox 1?

n4rc1727d ago

You aren't..

The vault doesn't mean all their back catalog... Its whatever games they add to it, and its x1 only..

chrissx1727d ago

I don't see any reasonable future with access

OrangePowerz1727d ago

Realistically they will not offer new games and only a handfull available at a time.

I have one big question for EA, because by the sounds of it they offer the base game. So what happens if we buy DLC and they remove the game from the list?

n4rc1727d ago

I'm assuming you keep any games you've downloaded ala PS+ or gwg provided you keep your subscription up..

OrangePowerz1727d ago

They said you have access to the games in the vault. They never said if you keep it when it gets removed from the Vault. In general there wasn't a huge amount of information only that they do some service and how much it costs and what it gets you, but they never went into detail how everything works like for how long games stay in the vault or what happens when they remove it from the vault.

kariyanine1727d ago

@Orange there are interviews out there from EA execs stating that they don't have plans to remove anything from the vault. Then again, we all know execs speak out both ends of their mouths.