Xbox One's high price in China draws complaints, but likely buyers too

Microsoft's Xbox One is poised to be the first foreign game console to debut in China, but as the local pricing was announced on Wednesday -- $200 more than in the U.S.

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tgunzz3226d ago

As much as I love xb1. The price (feedback regarding it) should be maybe reconsidered.

NeoGamer2323226d ago

The price is reflective of the costs of delivering to that market. For example, I heard that prices for consoles in Brazil are $800...

That is because the government taxes the crap out of every console sale.

People should get all the info before they tell Microsoft to reconsider the price.

It is not like Microsoft is making $200 more for every console sold in China. The Chinese government which is one of the most controlled/managed economies in the world would not let them do that.

JeffGUNZ3226d ago

Yeah, Neo is right. Out of country taxes depending on the country can be ridiculous. That's why the console is the cheapest in US. I am actually surprised, I thought China's launch price would be higher with China's controlled system.