Hyrule Warriors is a 7.8GB download

Like most Wii U games, Hyrule Warriors will be available both at retail and on the eShop.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1955d ago

Cool but that a lot of content with no extra 5-10 gigs of voice acting.

vishmarx1954d ago

warriors games are usually 20+on ps3.
just saying.and lol va doesnt take 5-10gb
maybe unless its mgs.
and warriors games dont have much va either

weekev151954d ago

Source for Warrior game size on ps3? Could be a wait till reviews come out for most. Im a total sucker and have it paid up already because it has the word Hyrule in the title.

guitarded771954d ago

How do you figure 5 - 10gb for audio? That is an absurd amount of audio even in it's least compressed format. I record constantly in various studio grade formats, and the ONLY reason you would have audio at such a high level is for multi-tracking and editing purposes. Without the right software, consoles wouldn't even be able to play such audio. Not trying to be an ass, just dropping some knowledge on what is realistic for game audio, and it's compressed to the same levels as movies or consumer audio... in most cases even less so.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1954d ago

yall really took me seriously?

N4G never fails to impress.

Of course the audio wouldn't be that much.

kratoz12091954d ago

This is getting a lot of interest considering its a koei game,

Metallox1954d ago

It's still a Dynasty Warriors though, so don't expect anything outstanding, Nintendo it's just overhyping you. Not that I blame them, in fact I must congratulate them for creating interest for a Dynasty Warriors game in the west.

But don't complain here when you find out that the game is nothing like the trailers suggested.

XtraTrstrL1954d ago

Well yeah, it's gonna be nothing like a traditional Zelda game. It's not gonna have those types of elements, just large scale intense fighting basically.

slivery1954d ago

I am almost 100% certain the game will be exactly like the trailers suggest. It isn't like any of the trailers are misleading, they are always of gameplay.

So I don't understand how the game wouldn't be anything like the trailer suggested.

randomass1711954d ago

I always figured it's a Zelda-like game with Warriors combat. They showed finding chests and stuff in the trailers so there will be lots of Zelda fanservice from the looks of it. Nothing wrong with that in a spin off game.

admiralvic1954d ago

I take it you don't like Musou games, since the anime ones (Kaizoku, Hokuto, Gundam) all got near the same amount of coverage / interest.

vishmarx1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

gundam reborn was launched in oblivion.
and this is easily the most hyped musou game so far

admiralvic1954d ago

@ Vishmarx

Gundam Reborn is something of a special case. It was announced around September 9, 2013 ( ) and released 3 months and 10 days after that. You can also read things like the wiki here ( ) and see that not a whole lot has changed. In fact, most of the changes were going back to the way things were in 1 & 2 instead of remaining 3's style. You can also see that most of the units are from a couple of series (if you ignore the DLC), which doesn't give Koei a lot to hype or sites much to cover.

Emme1954d ago

Fun fact: Far Cry 3 on PS3 is 6.3 GB !