Why I Believe Destiny is Set Out For Greatness

Duuro says: "The Beta was just special and it ran and felt great, like a badass demo that got around 4.6 million players super stoked for the full game. I am one of those people, that cannot wait till September arrives so I can have a bloody great time to find out what my Destiny is!"

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Arkardo1955d ago

I don't know you people but I got a sense of lost when the beta ended like so few games I played in my life.

This game truly got me, and I hope that Dlc s keep flowing forever adding more the the game.

kraideral1955d ago

They are saying that Destiny is a 10 year deal so there's that. Sure they will have a ton of DLC, but I hope that they are worth it, not useless crap like gun cammos or whatever. We'll see!

JeffGUNZ1954d ago

100%. I don't want to play anything else anymore lol. I just want Sept. 9 to come.

Xbot12141955d ago

great game, you can tell theres a little halo in it cause of the visuals. Hail Bungie we miss u

InTheZoneAC1954d ago

played the game for an entire day when it first released on ps4 way before the ps3 beta and I never touched it again. Felt like a massive generic fps. Nothing was done great, just a bunch of excessive average parts put together and for some reason people are hyping this up as much as titanfall...

BootHammer1951d ago

They are absolutely on to something special with Destiny. Hard to imagine them surpassing their success with Halo but they just might.