First F1 2014 screenshots revealed has acquired the first screenshots of F1 2014, offering the first glimpse at this year's game ahead of its official reveal later today.

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Windy9991958d ago

It would be stupid not to bring it out on the next gen as the spoke about the power of the new consoles!
One can only hope they do
Can't wait to get the game

danowat1958d ago

No next gen, no sale.

On another note, doesn't seem to be many people who buy codies games at release any more, considering just how quickly they always get discounted these days.

GRID autosport has already been slashed in price in the UK

deSSy27241958d ago

Next gen is not only about graphics (kiddo). So, if the game would feauture very good physics you wouldnt buy it? LOL

danowat1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Not sure how you read into it that I was only on about graphics kiddo (which is kinda of strange considering I am the wrong side of 40).

I still own my old gen consoles, however, I am reluctant to start new games on the old gen if possible.

And lets be honest, it's a codies game, the physics will be the same as all their others

Skidpants1958d ago

They have announced it's old gen and PC only. Next gen is coming next year but earlier in the season. Had a feeling this was the case, no company announces a game just 2 and a bit months before release. They've done this because it's in the F1 license that they have to knock out a game every year. By just sticking to old gen this year it buys them more time for the next gen versions next year.

Danowat, you are right most people including me don't buy their games anymore. The reasons are for years now they have been releasing broken unfinished games as beta's and think it's ok for paying customers to do their testing. They release a patch which breaks more than it fixes, then it's stuff em we will sort it next year. Next year it's the same old rinse and repeat. Then there's their rally games with no rallying in and no X games crap is not rally. That's what joyriders do with a stolen car on a fri/sat night round an empty car park.

Then the mess that Grid 2 was in and 5 minutes later they announce a sequel that is going to be what Grid 2 should of been and you expect people who got scolded to keep chucking money down the drain on broken shoddy goods.

Hence people now are boycotting in droves, I love F1 but haven't touched them after 2010 (and that was a mess). Personally I can't see Codemasters making it through the rest of this gen before they go belly up. It all started going south when the original owners sold them to an Indian company.

nutcrackr1958d ago

They have just annualized all their games now. Instead of spending 2 or three years working on a new experience with new content, they just change the name and give it a fresh coat of paint. They seem to think that spending half the time to make double the games is a better business strategy. So far it is working because people are buying them like sports games.

Their last good game imo was DiRT 3.

Steptoe1958d ago

the most fun i had on a codies games was Colin Mcrae on the PS1. Absolutely loved it. I wasn't great at it but i loved it all the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.