Sky's Now TV app out on Xbox One, Verizon updates FiOS

Xbox console owners in the UK now have an expanded variety of entertainment options at the ready, as Sky has released an Xbox One version of its Now TV app, bringing the service's streamed and on-demand catalog to Microsoft's platform.

Verizon also updated its FiOS app on Xbox consoles this week, introducing 14 additional channels to its lineup. New channels available to subscribers include AMC HD, Encore, Bloomberg HD, Showtime, and Starz.

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LackTrue4K1957d ago

This app should of been on @ day one.
And lack of Kinect support with out the app makes it more pointless.

Starbucks_Fan1956d ago

never liked using a kinect for finding content. prefer the remote.

wicked1956d ago

I hear sky go is coming, that is the one I'm looking forward to

Sayai jin1956d ago

I'm waiting for CrunchyRoll and HBO Go. I have those apps on my PS4...come one MS.

Sayai jin1956d ago

Yeah, but CrunchyRoll is.

sprinterboy1956d ago

October/November time apparently for sky go

GothamReturns1956d ago

When will the twc app drop?

OrangePowerz1956d ago

As a Sky customer Sky now is crap. I don't see why I should get charged extra for a service that I already pay for anyway.

falviousuk1956d ago

Its not for you, this is for users who don't have sky and want a way to watch some sky content.

The movie package is a decent price to access true sky movies channels

mcstorm1956d ago

I have to disagree about NowTV. Its a good service for none sky customers. I changed from Sky to BT as I was having issues with sky internet and paying a lot for a poor service and I signed up to BT with BT TV and decided to get NowTV for Skyone and Atlantic as we watch quite a few programs on them and it all worked out being less than what I was paying Sky for their services and I am also finding it a lot better esp now nowtv is on the Xbox one as I can switch between BT TV and now TV with my voice. The only thing Now TV is missing on the Xbox one is a guide for live TV as you have to select each channel but the picture quality is really good a lot better than the 360 version.

OrangePowerz1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I didn't say it's bad for non Sky customers,but I think Sky customers should get automatically access to the content if they have the appropriate bundles already for their normal Sky service given that the Sky Go app isn't available yet.

mcstorm1955d ago

@OrangePowerz are fair enough I must of miss read what you put but to be fair now tv library is no where near as big as SkyGO plus its also a different part of sky so I think that's why they don't offer it to Sky customers.

I have also heard a lot of people complain about the sky sports package too as they have had lots of issues when paid £9.99 for the 24 hour access.