Appster CEO Mark McDonald's Invaluable Tips For Indie Game Developers

Grab it Magazine speak in-depth with Mark McDonald, the CEO of Appster, about the indie game development scene. McDonald is a gold mine of information about setting up a successful app making venture - from partnerships and investment, to activation and monetisation - having grown from a team of two to more than one hundred in just a few years.

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SlappingOysters1964d ago

I wish I was a millionaire at 22. Unfortunately all I invented by that age was the knee-to-tummy trampoline twist flip.

Cookiebex1964d ago

You're still one up on me

shipnabottle1964d ago

Haha. I invented this: b d

It means thumbs up in texting speak. Or p q for thumbs down. Or .i.. To text the bird to someone.

So yeah I win.

Spore_7771963d ago

At 22, I had perfected the art of playing any video game on the hardest level first time around and beating it as though I knew the ins and out of it.