Soul Calibur IV will be just fine

Sarcastic Gamer responds to criticisms of Soul Caliber IV including the inclusion of Star Wars characters and light sabers in the game.

From the article: "I often wonder if part of the problem is that lightsabers are perceived to be too powerful. Sure, in the real world, they would probably overpower kitanas and axes. However, that doesn't make it a valid complaint. Soul Calibur is obviously not steeped in realism. Just look at the shield-wielding Lizardman (a fixture of the series since Soul Calibur), or the outrageous breast physics… Also, no matter how many times the same character gets stabbed with a sword or a giant axe, they always seem to be ready for the next fight. Apparently ,they don't even suffer from flesh wounds. Soul Calibur isn't realistic.

It's a videogame. Get over it."

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Silogon3784d ago

No it won't. It won't be fine until swords and axes actual do what they're suppose to do in real life. Chop of limbs and kill.

lsujester3784d ago

Then it'd be Bushido Blade, not Soul Caliber.