TeamXbox: The Incredible Hulk Review

TeamXbox writes: "The summer blockbuster season is upon us once again, and this time around it looks like Hollywood may be celebrating the year of the comic book. Studios are banking on the success of movies like Iron Man and The Dark Knight . The comic book making its way to theatres is The Incredible Hulk, based on Marvel Comics' green goliath. Of course, with a new movie comes the inevitable new video game tie-in. This time, though, the Hulk's rage comes to consoles courtesy of Sega and Edge of Reality.

The last time we saw the Hulk going solo in a game was in 2005's critical and commercial hit, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Ultimate Destruction managed to strike a chord with gamers by faithfully recreating the sheer power and scale of the Hulk's strength and abilities. Due to the overwhelming success of Ultimate Destruction, comparisons between it and this latest game are inevitable. And while this next-gen Incredible Hulk may have a new developer and publisher, you can't help but feel like this new title is Ultimate Destruction with a new, shiny coat of paint."

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