MTV Multiplayer: 'SingStar' Goes YouTube on PS3, Other Music Games Should Take Notes

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Most karaoke is probably best left forgotten, but that's not "SingStar"'s philosophy. Sony wants you to remember your performance and share it.

Sony has clearly gone to great lengths to develop a proprietary YouTube-like service for the PlayStation 3 debut of the "SingStar" franchise. The depth of the community features is phenomenal and sometimes more fun than "SingStar" itself.

I can't help but feel these features are stuck in the wrong game - "Guitar Hero," "Rock Band," are you listening? - but that doesn't make them any less impressive.

In order to take full advantage of what "SingStar" has to offer, you not only need the "SingStar"-branded mic (unfortunately, your "Rock Band" microphone won't work, nor will any other USB or Bluetooth-based mic) and a PlayStation Eye. The latter allows you to make a virtual record of looking and sounding like a fool."

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whateva3785d ago

for My Nieces yeah thats who I'm getting it for lol

SUP3R3785d ago

I still think Sony should be using the SingStar community interface and features for the entire PSN network.
It would undoubtedly outshine Live by miles.

titntin3785d ago

This game is indeed far more fun than it has any right to be! Alcohol is mandatory!! :)

In particular the Social networking functions and connectivity are are exceptionally well realized and definitely propel this title into 'next gen' territory. If only other titles like Rock band would have taken such an approach... we can only hope that other titles will follow where this one has led.

achira3785d ago

interesting feature. i have this game, and it makes a lot of fun! especially on parties!

Blackmoses3785d ago

I'm not the biggest Rock Band or Guitar Hero fan but features like the ones in Singstar would easily make these games unmatched and would only add to the cult like following.


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