Looking Back: Was The PS2 Really The Best Console Ever?

Reflecting on the past, was the PlayStation 2 the best gaming machine in history? More than 160 million sales say yes, as does the amazing software lineup.

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PSNintyGamer1956d ago

Yep, The only other that comes really close is the Original DS.

ErcsYou1956d ago

If sales are not the determining factor of greatest console of all time I think the original playstation beats the PS2 when it comes to software.. There were some amazing games on playstation.

vishmarx1956d ago

wii u= best console ever

Eonjay1956d ago

The PS2 expanded the market grater than any other console.

PickAShoe1956d ago

no no no, youre all wrong. Ouya wins.

Mikey322301956d ago

Looking back, The jump from the PS1 / N64 to the PS2 was a massive generation jump.

Much more substantial than ps2 to Ps3, Ps3 to Ps4.

Ps2 to PS3 was also fairly big though. And so far I think PS3 to PS4 has been the smallest. However, things do get better with every generation obviously.

1956d ago
3-4-51956d ago

PS2 helped to continue to spread gaming around the world for cheap.

The "rest of the world" outside of the US are still using their PS2's.

itBourne1956d ago

Lol it really did, I convinced my parents to go half with me back in the day, because it was a dvd player as well ^^

Good-Smurf1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

No Shit,we still have tons of modded PS2 on sale in our country.
When my PS4,Wii U failed I will come back to PS2 to a lot it's one of
the best console for gaming on the cheap,and the experience is priceless!
I still play a lot of games on it like Ridge Racer V,GT3,Outrun Coast 2 Coast,Sega Rally Championship 1995,etc!

Infamous2981956d ago

Man, Ps2 game library was awesome, hopefully history repeats itself with the the Ps4.

Relientk771956d ago

PS1 and PS2 are the two best consoles, in my opinion

Gamble201956d ago

The PS1 was phenomenal, but I would probably rank both the NES and SNES ahead of it.

ravensly1956d ago

too bad... i can emulate both of those consoles in my pc........

TheFirstClassic1956d ago

...what does that have to do with anything?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1956d ago

For me it was the Xbox Original, the library of games was really lacking but it was the first place I played multiplayer gaming online with Halo.

I also had a Ps2 and tried socom but it was not the same

Porcelain_Chicken1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Socom not the same as Halo? <_> You set yourself up for disappointment there friend.

On topic: Personally the Ps2 was my fave console. It's install base was huge! All of my friends owned it (NOT ONLY because the other owned it may i add, wasn't peer pressure). Sure it was the first Playstation console to introduce online mp features but during that time it wasn't big, so there was no competitiveness. Everything felt simpler when we only cared about the story, characters, and experience. And not how many headshots we got in 1 match. The gaming library was huge and diverse and had the entire Playstation1 library of games along with it!! There was rarely a "drought". Speaking of games, they were complete, no microtransactions, no costume & "necessary to understand the whole f**king story" dlc, no nickle & diming the consumer basically.

Now we have console wars, microtransactions, a crazy multiplayer craze where the only people you'll face are angry teenagers who cuss like it's cool and t-bagging teenagers who t-bag more than lipton, because they think it's funny...

Don't get me wrong i still love gaming and i'll never stop, but stuff was better back then. Cheaper too. *Hugs empty wallet*

PlayableGamez1956d ago

Dude everything you said is wrong. Console wars been around for the longest. Especially during the Sega/NES era. Microtransaction exist back than to. However, it was more of a PC thing. And angry gamers are a new thing? When I was kid, my friend literally attack me because I beat him in Tom and Jerry Fists of Furry. Angry gamers have always and will always exist. And gaming was cheaper back then? It is technically the same pricing as of today, if not today being cheaper. I don't know how you shop for your games, but I have been saving tons of money.
You are acting like everything back then was peaceful and all smiles in gaming. If you think that, you are purely naive. Yes things changed. The way we game has changed. There are somethings I wish that can come back, but change is an unavoidable thing.

zeuanimals1956d ago

You really didn't expect SOCOM to be like Halo, did you? I love them both equally but for very different reasons.

jairusmonillas1956d ago

Yes cause it wasn't just PS2 you can play PS1 on it.

It's like having the best library of games PS1+PS2

games like FF7 to FF12? Castlevania, suikoden, resident evil, mgs almost every game at your hand with a single console.

marloc_x1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

a shame PS4 couldn't manage the same feature..

styferion1956d ago

PS1 + PS2 era was like a golden age for JRPG fans like me.

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The story is too old to be commented.