Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Has Wii U Listed in Website Source Code

Is the latest Call of Duty hitting the Wii U after all?

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mydyingparadiselost1961d ago

I'm sure it'll come out for WiiU... 9 months late... without DLC... missing game modes... the same time as Zelda U... and then Nintendo will be blame for the low sales.

MSBAUSTX1961d ago

Man that sounds all too familiar. Then everyone says Nintendo has no third part support. Like I have said before, Nintendo players can tell when they have been jipped on a third party title compared to its release on other consoles.

weekev151961d ago

Close but COD tends to release on time. It will lack dlc and online will be dead though.

MSBAUSTX1961d ago

If this comes true and it is released for Wii U I will buy it to support third party development on the Wii U and so I can play it on the gamepad instead of the TV when my wife wants to watch something other than me playing games. Thats why I own the last two CODs for Wii U as well. Ghosts actually looked really good on Wii U on my TV too. I couldnt tell a difference between it and my XB1 copy

Locknuts1961d ago

As good as Ghosts can look I suppose. Ugly ass game.

Metallox1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Isn't this old news? The Wii U thing has been there since the announcement of the game, I think. Either way, I'm still ok with Black Ops 1, you know.

admiralvic1961d ago

I know for a fact they found an image when the website released, but I can't find that article to see if they noticed more to report this one and really don't care to be vindictive enough to spend more than 5 minutes looking for it.

1961d ago
Sgt_Slaughter1961d ago

The only CoD I've enjoyed since Black Ops 1 is Black Ops 2 on the Wii U, due to the smaller community and Off TV Play.

Made it seem like not the same-old-shit franchise it actually is.

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The story is too old to be commented.