Top MMOs of 2014... So Far

We’re half way through 2014 already, can you believe it?! We decided to stop and take a look back at how the year has gone so far for the MMO industry. 2013 was a bit of a slow one so it was really important that 2014 be bigger and better. Developers haven’t let us down. We've already had amazing releases, amazing betas, and exciting expansions. But for now let’s take a look at the best.

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ATi_Elite1964d ago

Ok right now Landmark which will eventually turn into Everquest Next as the best structures and worlds from Landmark Get brought over to Everquest is a sure bet. Even separate forever which may be planned still leaves 2 sure fire mmos.

ArcheAge is glorious Im just waiting on the English translation which is almost done to fully indulge myself into it

Firefall should be on the list. I gotta lotta love for this Fps-Rpg-mmo and its high quality pvp

Why is Wildstar so darn popular? I just dont get it but everyone is playing it.

Age of Wushu is like a Action beat-em up mmo i would play if the characters were bigger like street fighter. Needs a zoom view.