Top 5 Games we hope to see at Gamescom 2014

Carlos writes: All eyes will be on Cologne, Germany from August 13-17 as we eagerly await some big surprises. Here’s what I’m personally hoping for.

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Derekvinyard131963d ago

I always hate to say this but I feel it's the hard truth, fallout 4 E3 2015 I know it's far but the more time the better. Hopefully Bethesda is able to kill a lot of bugs that plagued skyrim and fallout on consoles thanks to new hardware.

Game0N1963d ago

Why no hope? War, war never changes

Letthewookiewin1963d ago

Gamescom is going to be legit this year. Were going to see alot of cool stuff not at E3. Wouldnt be surprised if it is a record year for overall attendance and net hits.

TGF_Carlitos1963d ago

Guerrilla better show something! More excited for proper bloodborne gameplay reveal, we will see impressions no doubt

Ocsta1963d ago

Fallout 4 is a myth! Bethesda don't care about us! Case in point: "Battleborn" O.o (puke)

TGF_Carlitos1963d ago

Watch it be a sequel to skyrim for their next big game. Fallout 4 needs to happen and release in 2015

Game0N1963d ago

Gamesscom will be good this year looking forward to stream! I think we will see no man sky release date!

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